Construction Phases

Summer 2012 – Preparation work for the installation of the building's foundation

Fall 2012 – Removal of archival research entrance to Mugar Library, repair and refurbishment of concrete exterior of Law Tower

Intercession 2012-13 – Foundation work begins

Spring 2013 – Foundation work ends, concrete work begins

Summer 2013 – Structural steel work begins, concrete deck work begins, tower façade restoration work continues

Fall 2013 – Construction of new building façade begins

Spring 2014 – Construction of new building interiors & finishes ongoing

Summer 2014 – New building opens. Tower renovation begins.

Fall 2014 – Tower interior demolition and exterior windows installation begins. Façade restoration work continues.

Spring 2015 – Tower renovations continue

Fall 2015 – Renovated tower opens, Pappas Library work continues

Winter 2015 – Pappas Library interior work complete