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Classrooms, student gathering spaces, and an expanded Law Library will be located in the new five-story addition, which will span over the existing Central Boiler Plant and occupy a large portion of the Law School Courtyard.

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The Sumner M. Redstone Building

Located to the west of the Law Tower, the 100,000-square-foot, five-story structure will house most of the law school's classrooms, which will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The Redstone Building will expand the Pappas Law Library, increase study space, and provide new facilities to support clinical, transactional and professional training programs. An expansive new entrance will feature a glass-enclosed atrium that will welcome visitors and serve as the heart and social hub of the complex. Student locker facilities, lounges, a small dining facility, and other student function and informal meeting spaces will be located throughout the new building.

The height of the Redstone Building and the placement of its façade elements derive from an analysis outlined in the 2008 Preservation Master Plan. The materials, color and exterior detailing of the new building are being calibrated to respect and complement the architecture of the five original Jose Lluis Sert buildings (Law Tower, Central Boiler Plant, Pappas Law Library, Mugar Library and George Sherman Student Union).

As the new law school entry, the Redstone Building will face a paved entry forecourt off the main east-west pedestrian path. Detailing and paving materials will identify it as part of the law school and help define the law school precinct. The pedestrian path will be re-graded, paved and landscaped with new trees and plantings. The open area to the north and east of the Law Tower will be restored and replanted to reinforce the existing character of the area and of the Alpert Mall to the east. The space between the Law Tower and Pappas Library will be redesigned to emphasize the visual connection between the original and the new entrances to the school. Plantings will be native species and select ornamental species that maintain the existing planted character of the BU campus.

A Pivotal Moment in the Law School's History

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