There are several alumni groups and organizations that support the ongoing mission of the Development & Alumni Relations Office to connect BU Law alumni with each other and with the School of Law. For more information on getting involved with any of these committees, please contact the Development & Alumni Relations Office at

Dean’s Advisory Board

The Dean’s Advisory Board provides guidance and resources important to the continued success of BU Law and its alumni. Members of the Dean’s Advisory Board are alumni or friends who have distinguished themselves in their careers and have demonstrated a commitment to BU Law through their overall involvement and financial support.

Law Alumni Association Executive Committee

The Law Alumni Association is headed by an Executive Committee, based in Boston, which has seven standing subcommittees: Awards, Development, Programming, Student-Alumni Relations, Regional Chapter, and Board Mentoring.

Young Alumni Council

The purpose of the Young Alumni Council (YAC) is to foster a connection between BU School of Law and BU Law alumni throughout the country and world. It is intended to bridge the gap between young developing alumni (1–10 years out), more seasoned alumni (11+ years out), and current BU Law students. This is accomplished through, social events, mentorship programs, volunteer opportunities, and professional networking among our peers and other alumni.

In-House Counsel Groups

BU Law’s In-House Counsel alumni groups consist of over 200 alumni working in non-firm settings all over the country. Thanks to the efforts of Thomas Farrell (’91) who founded the first group in Boston and then in New York, In-House Counsel group members have joined with their peers and fellow BU graduates to form strongly connected networking groups which have now expanded beyond Boston and New York and into Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Members of the BU Law In-House Counsel groups work for a broad variety of companies including Chanel, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Luis Vuitton, Netflix, Time Warner, Viacom, and Warby Parker. To get involved with one of the In-House Counsel alumni groups or to cultivate a group in your area, please contact the Esdaile Alumni Center at 617-353-3118 or