Boston University School of Law

Climbing the ranks: BU Law scores high with National Jurist 100 Best and National Law Journal 250

BU Law has always set a standard of excellence, and in 2008 the law school continues to raise the bar. Rankings released in 2008 show BU Law is outperforming its old record highs and breaking into new competitive categories. Surveys from the National Jurist and the National Law Journal prove what our students, faculty and alumni already know—BU Law is on top.

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In the February 2008 issue of the National Jurist, both Boston University Law Review and the American Journal of Law and Medicine broke into the publication’s “100 Best” law reviews. In an age where student-edited journals are not just increasing, but exploding across academia, achieving notoriety and ranking is a phenomenal accomplishment.

The Boston University Law Review emerged at 27, while the American Journal of Law and Medicine ranked 93 on the top 100 list. At 93, American Journal of Law and Medicine is currently the top-ranked health law journal in the nation.

Considering that rankings are compiled from 1,100 law reviews worldwide, breaking the top 100 is quite a feat. According to the National Jurist, there is now one student-edited publication for every 279 law students, with at least 30 new publications being added every year.


Not only are BU Law’s journals top-notch, but our graduates break the mold as well, making them increasingly desirable to successful firms. The nation’s 250 largest law firms are increasingly hiring Boston University School of Law graduates, according to the National Law Journals annual NLJ 250 survey. Ranked number 18, BU Law is one of the top 20 schools in the nation sending a high percentage of its graduating class to the 250 largest firms.

In 2007 BU Law sent 113 out of 291 graduates to NLJ 250 firms. According to the Journal, BU Law was among the top 20 schools sending 54.9 percent of their 2007 graduates to the 250 largest firms—an increase from 51.6 percent in 2006.

The National Law Journal evaluates its top 20 list annually. The list is generated from recruiting information gathered from the Journal’s yearly survey of the nation’s largest firms.