BU Law Graduate Tax Program Alumni Newsletter Winter 2007

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Director’s Welcome
A U.S. VAT? GTP Class Suggests It Should Be Digital
BU Law Graduate Tax Program Faculty Ranks #1 in Recent SSRN Downloads
New Faces: Staff, Faculty and Students
Where Do GTP Students Come From? Where Do GTP Alums Go?
Class Notes
Alums Return to Boston for LL.M. Reunion
Career Development Office News and Events
Keep in Touch with the GTP!


Director’s Welcome

Ernest M. Haddad Director, Graduate Tax Program

Greetings from the Graduate Tax Program! It's the beginning of a new year and the GTP Newsletter has a new look. This is part of a larger effort to redesign all Boston University School of Law outreach materials. We have a new BU Law Web site with sections devoted to prospective, newly admitted and current Graduate Tax Program students. We encourage you to explore the new site for information about the GTP as well as to learn about upcoming events at BU Law. In addition, we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new combined LL.M. Program Bulletin that will provide an overview of our LL.M. Programs. The Bulletin will also contain an insert with specific information about the Graduate Tax Program.

If you would like a copy of our new Bulletin or if you have any comments or suggestions about the newsletter, the Web site or about the GTP in general, please let me know. Your feedback is important! You can reach me at ehaddad@bu.edu or at 617.353.3105.


Ernest M. Haddad

Ernest M. Haddad
Director, Graduate Tax Program
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

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A U.S. VAT? GTP Class Suggests It Should Be Digital

Richard T. Ainsworth, who received his LL.M. in Taxation from BU Law in 1990, is currently one of the most active and creative members of the adjunct faculty of the Graduate Tax Program, teaching courses in VAT and Other Consumption Taxes, Comparative Income Tax and Comparative International Transfer Pricing.

“The most enjoyable part of teaching in the GTP is the opportunity it provides me to interact with some of the brightest tax talent in the Boston area,” said Ainsworth.  “A case in point is the VAT class of 2004-05. For thirteen weeks I had the chance to exchange ideas with Patrick Callahan, Antonio DiBenedetto, Kristofor Erickson, Richard Fonte, Charles Maniace, Mikael Nacim, Chris Potter, Andrew Shact, Roberto Silva and Keith Woodman. That Fall Term we undertook a comparative study of the world’s VAT systems, but we did so with a twist.  One of the class objectives was to put an American focus on VAT – we were attempting to devise a unique VAT proposal for the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform.” 

The proposal developed by Ainsworth and his class, The Digital VAT, was submitted on April 30, 2005 and can be found at http://comments.taxreformpanel.gov/ (also published in Tax Notes on August 22, 2005).  “I really have to thank the class for the efforts they made in refining the ideas in this proposal, and perhaps need to apologize for compelling them to do so in the cauldron of the exam-room. The earliest versions of this proposal can be found in their answers to question #4 on that year’s final exam.”

Ainsworth reports that the VAT class that followed in the 2005-2006 academic year also gave him fresh ideas. The goal of this class was to consider applications of the Digital VAT (D-VAT) in the context of developing countries. That resulted in a paper published in Tax Notes International entitled "Digital VAT and Development: D-VAT and D-velopment." “It became apparent while writing this paper that there was no study on VAT concentrations in the largest companies in developing countries,” Ainsworth said. “It was a student in the 2005-2006 class, Roberto Silva Legarda from Ecuador, who undertook to fill in this gap in a very important paper, VAT Concentrations in Latin America, that was published in Tax Notes International on March 6, 2006.”

“It is difficult to underestimate the influence that these two classes have had on my recent writings,” said Ainsworth. Two law review articles, "The Digital VAT (D-VAT)" 25 Vir. Tax Rev. 875 (2006); "Biometrics: Solving the Regressivity of VATs and RSTs with ‘Smart Card’ Technology" Fla. Tax Rev. (2007) (forthcoming) and a book, The Digital Consumption Tax: D-CT (Kansai University Press) (forthcoming, March 2007) are a direct result of these classes.  In addition, two other proposals for VAT reform have their genesis in these classes, one dealing with the Japanese Consumption Tax – "Biometrics, Certified Software Solutions and the Japanese Consumption Tax: A Proposal for the Tax Commission," Kansai University Review of Economics (forthcoming, March 2007) – the other with the European VAT – "Carousel Fraud in the EU: A Digital VAT Solution," 42 Tax Notes Int’l 443 (May 1, 2006).

 Professor Richard Ainsworth with tax students in Taiwan
Professor Richard Ainsworth with tax students in Taiwan

“I have been fortunate to have been invited this past October to present the Carousel Fraud paper to the VAT policy group at the U.K. Treasury, and present an application of the Biometrics paper to the 17 nation Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research (SGATAR) in November in Taipei,” Ainsworth said.  “The latter presentation was a follow-up to a set of lectures presented at the Ministry of Finance Training Institute, Taipei on tax treaties and international dispute resolution in income tax and VAT.”

“Although the applications of the D-VAT and the ideas of the 2004-2005 class seem endless, I am interested now in opening a new research avenue into comparative transfer pricing rules. I am interested in considering why essentially the same transaction between the same related parties is treated differently for income tax, VAT and customs purposes; why the parties to an advanced pricing agreement do not press for VAT and customs valuations when they agree to the metrics for determining income tax valuations.” Ainsworth presented a preliminary paper, Transfer Pricing Tri-lemma: The “Arm’s Length Price” in Income Tax – Customs – VAT (unpublished), on this topic at Beijing University in May 2006. “I have decided to offer a new course in Comparative International Transfer Pricing that will consider these issues during the Spring Term this year. I am hoping that the upcoming class will be as inspirational as the 2004-2005 VAT class. If so, I expect I will be thanking the BU GTP students in the not to distant future for another series of papers and presentations.”

Ainsworth currently serves as the Director of International Government Affairs at ADP-Taxware, Inc. From 1995 through 2002, he served as the Deputy Director of the former International Tax Program at Harvard Law School. Most of the papers mentioned in this article can be downloaded at no charge either from the SSRN Web site or through the BU Law Faculty Working Paper Series.

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BU Law Graduate Tax Program Faculty Ranks #1 in Recent SSRN Downloads

BU Law's Graduate Tax faculty recently ranked #1 in the listing of top 15 tax faculties, as measured by the number of Social Science Research Network (SSRN) downloads. SSRN disseminates social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences, including tax. The rankings, compiled by Loyola Law School Professor Theodore P. Seto, show that BU Law faculty have remained in the top five of both recent and all-time tax paper downloads every month, beginning in July, 2006. View the complete rankings list.

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New Faces: Staff, Faculty and Students

In the GTP Office

Rita Hurtado (CFA ’06) and Kathryn DeVinney
Rita Hurtado (CFA ’06) and Kathryn DeVinney

Rita Hurtado (CFA ’06) and Kathryn DeVinney joined the GTP office this summer as Administrative Secretary and Program Coordinator, respectively.  Rita came to Boston University from California State University at Fullerton after receiving her B.A. in music.  She completed her master’s degree in music at BU in 2006.  Kathryn moved to Boston after receiving her B.A. in English from William Smith College in Geneva, NY and is currently taking courses at BU’s School of Social Work.

Faculty Addition

Thomas E. Peckham
Thomas E. Peckham

With more than 30 years of experience in estate planning, Thomas E. Peckham recently joined the faculty as a Lecturer to teach "Estate Planning - Advanced" during the Spring 2007 semester. Mr. Peckham is a partner in the firm Bingham McCutchen LLP where he heads the Estate Planning Group. His practice is concentrated in the areas of sophisticated estate planning for high net-work individuals, estate and trust administration and related tax and business planning. He is an innovator in the use of legal strategies to benefit his clients involving family limited partnerships, grantor-retained annuity trusts, qualified personal residence trusts and charitable remainder trusts. Mr. Peckham received his B.A. from Cornell University and his J.D. and LL.M. degrees from Boston University.

New GTP Students

Theodore Collins Ahlgren
J.D., University of Michigan
B.A., Yale University

Ryan Scott Andrews
J.D., Roger Williams University
B.A., University of Miami

Shabnam Aryana
J.D., New England School of Law
B.S., George Mason University

Debbie Bae
J.D., Whittier College
B.A., University of California, Irvine
Christopher G. Beck
J.D., New England School of Law
B.A., University of California, San Diego
Cory Bilodeau
J.D., Roger Williams University
B.S., Boston College
Carolina Boechat-Lopes (Brazil)
LL.M., Golden Gate University
LL.B., Universidad Federal Goias
Christine Elizabeth Carlstrom
J.D., Suffolk University
B.A., Mount Holyoke College
Colleen Ashley Carson
J.D., Thomas Jefferson School of Law
B.A., Furman University
Mary Clements Pajak
J.D., Boston College
A.L.B., Harvard University
Sean Finn
J.D., Suffolk University
B.A., Boston College
Patrick Gallagher
J.D., Suffolk University
B.S., York College, Pennsylvania
B.S., Villanova University
Erica Diane Galpern
J.D., Nova Southeastern University
B.S.B.A., University of Florida
Steven Robert Gerlach
J.D., University of Maine
B.A., University of Rochester
Jessica Lynn Harris
J.D., New England School of Law
B.S., University of California, San Diego
Nicholas Keramaris
J.D., Suffolk University
B.S., Babson College
Sarah Nichols Lashua
J.D., B.S., Indiana University
Seungah Lee (Korea)
J.D., New England School of Law
B.A., Korea University
Rebecca Ruth MacGregor
J.D., Roger Williams University
B.A., Gordon College
William Verne McGough
J.D., University of South Carolina
B.M., Appalachian State University
Rebecca Elizabeth Miller
J.D., New England School of Law
B.A., Boston College
Shirley Pascal Sagol (Israel)
LL.B., B.B., The College of Management
Amudha K. Poola
J.D., Boston University
B.A., University of Pennsylvania
Rachel Lynn Reichard
J.D., Suffolk University
B.A., Columbia University
James B. Roche
LL.M., University of Connecticut
J.D., St. Thomas University
B.S., B.A., University of Massachusetts
Gerald F. Rogers
J.D., Roger Williams University
B.A., Boston College

Scott E. Sebastian
J.D., Northeastern University
B.A., Franklin and Marshall

David Carl Segraves
J.D., Boston University
B.A., B.B.A., Wichita State University
Lauren Hope Shapiro
J.D., Southern New England School of Law
B.S., State University of New York at Oneonta
Dhara Sharma
J.D., Suffolk University
B.A., Boston University
Nancy S. Shilepsky
J.D., Boston University
B.A., Tufts University
Camila Silva Jimenez (Colombia)
Abogada, Especialista en Derecho Tributario, Universidad del Rosario
David W. Skinner
J.D., Suffolk University
B.S., Tufts University
Colin Tobias Smith
J.D., Thomas Jefferson School of Law
B.A., University of Pennsylvania
Craig Alan Standish
J.D., Syracuse University
B.S., Northeastern University
Melissa Erica Sydney
J.D., Yeshiva University
B.A., Johns Hopkins University
Jennifer Lee Tansey
J.D., New England School of Law
B.A., University of New Hampshire
Tebogo Lindiwe Tardif (South Africa)
LL.B., LL.M., B.C., University of the Witwatersrand
Matthew P. Vaccarelli
J.D., B.S., Boston University
Jabari Mosi Vaughn
J.D., University of North Carolina
B.A., Morehouse College
Sonia Walrond
J.D., Suffolk University
M.S., Boston College
B.S., Newbury College
Rachel Wassel
J.D., Suffolk University
B.A., Boston University
Jason Webber
J.D., Suffolk University
B.A., Tufts University
Bridgett Lashae Wines
J.D., Texas Southern University
B.A., Syracuse University
Brenda Sue Yamaji
J.D., University of Wyoming
B.S., Colorado State University
Amna Zahid (Pakistan)
LL.B., University of Wolverhampton
Bs.Cis., East West University

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Where Do GTP Students Come From? Where Do GTP Alums Go?

From all over the United States and from many countries throughout the world.  In this issue of the Newsletter, we focus on Louisiana, where at least 41 alums of the Graduate Tax Program are practicing law in differing kinds of organizations including large general practice law firms, smaller firms and tax boutiques, corporate law departments and government agencies. Two of these organizations are described below.

Milling Benson Woodward LLP, a law firm with offices in New Orleans, Lafayette and Baton Rouge, represents clients in international business transactions, litigation, arbitration and maritime matters in many countries throughout the world. Two Graduate Tax Program alumni currently work in its New Orleans office, and both have been named to the Best Lawyers in America list in the field of Tax Law.  Hilton Bell (’68) is a Partner in the Tax Group and deals with issues concerning corporations, partnerships, exempt organizations, foreign taxation, state and local taxation, audit and litigation, estate planning and employee benefits.  In 2005, CityBusiness, the business newspaper in New Orleans, selected Mr. Bell for its Leadership in Law award.  He is on the planning committee of the Tulane Tax Institute and is an adjunct associate professor at the Tulane University School of Law.  William Gambel (’65) has been engaged in taxation, commercial transactions, commercial litigation, bankruptcy and business practice for a period of approximately thirty-six years.  He is currently a Lecturer at Louisiana State University and Loyola University, and has served as Chairman of the Tax Section of the Louisiana State Bar Association.

Phelps Dunbar, LLP is a law firm with 265 attorneys and has offices located in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Jackson, Tupelo and Gulfport, Mississippi; Houston, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and London, England.  Its clients include public and private companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, health care systems, educational institutions, partnerships, estates, governmental agencies and individuals.  Two Graduate Tax Program alumni currently work for the firm.  In the New Orleans office, Richard Dicharry (’78) focuses on insurance and reinsurance. Since 1985, he has counseled and represented insurers with regard to a variety of liabilities, with particular emphasis on environmental and health hazard exposures.  He is currently chairman of the firm’s management committee.  Jeffrey W. Koonce (’95) is a partner in the Business Group in the Baton Rouge office where he practices in the business and finance and tax service areas.  He is a board certified tax attorney with a practice focusing on federal taxation, estate planning, business formations and business transactions. He is also a certified public accountant and a board certified estate planning and administration specialist. He is currently an adjunct professor at the Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center.

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Class Notes


Maryam Assad works at the Law Offices of Bryan S. MacCormack in Boston.  Jon Barooshian accepted a job at Cooley, Manion, Jones LLP in Boston.  Kelly Aylward is practicing at Bove & Langa in Boston.  David Michael Barry Jr. is working for Jacobs, Walker, Rice & Basche LLP in Manchester, NH.  Gregg Palmer Benson is in Boise, ID at Thornton Byron LLP.  Mark Frederick Bernard accepted a job at Deloitte & Touche.  Colin Brien is also at Deloitte & Touche in New York, NY.  Kristen Reilly Brown works for Reilly Law Associates in Providence, RI.  Jennifer Ann Civitella, the valedictorian of the 2006 class, has her own practice in Boston.  Greg Clemons is working for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Boston.  Deborah Dong recently joined Bove & Langa in Boston.  Diane Elizabeth Dorr works for Deloitte & Touche in Boston.  Richard Fonte works at the Stamford, CT office of Ernst & Young.  James A. Forcier, Jr. is at Fay Law Associates in Cranston, RI.  Jason C. Gates practices at Gates & Blundell in Bridgewater, MA.  Sonja Gjakovski works at Bowditch & Dewey in Worcester, MA.  Jeffrey B. Groshek is at Greenberg Traurig in Boston.  Maria Gurevich is at Brown Brothers Harriman & Company in Boston.  Kimberly Anne Howland has a solo practice in Madison, CT.  Elena Ionova accepted a position at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Boston.  Major Maurice John Johnson is the senior tax lawyer in the United States Army, stationed in the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  Patrick Kapios and Lindsay Lee Liu both joined Ernst & Young, at the New York, NY office and the Boston office, respectively.  Ladidas Lumpkins works for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Boston.  Sayyid Majied-Muhammad is with Ernst & Young in New York, NY.  Taylor Mascovitz, who completed part of his LL.M. degree while on military duty in Iraq, will continue to work for Ernst & Young in Boston.  Rachel Theresa McCarthy is at the Waltham, MA branch of the Unica Corporation.  Curtis McGiveney works for the Employee Benefits Security Administration Section of the United States Department of Labor in Boston.  Akira Mizukami is at Ernst & Young in NY, NY.  David Murphy practices at Marsh, Moriarty, Ontell & Golder, PC in Boston.  Deborah Nagpal-Garneau works for Deloitte & Touche in Boston.  Addie Mae Prewitt is an associate at Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips LLP in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Jasmin Quihus (Easson) joined BearingPoint in Foxboro, MA.  Mika Reynolds is at Drummond Woodsum & MacMahon in Portland, ME.  Lynn Elizabeth Riley works for Cameron and Mittleman in Providence, RI.  Cynthia Ann Rothaupt works for the Stamford, CT office of Deloitte & Touche.  Joshua Rothman is at Ernst & Young in New York, NY.  John Russell works at the Providence, RI office of Adler, Pollock & Sheehan.  Amir Reza Sabzevari works at Ernst & Young in New York, NY.  Carla Sibille is at Lukinovich Law in Harahan, Louisiana.  Jeffrey Sklarz works for Zeisler & Zeisler in Hamden, CT.  Neal Splaine is with Pepe & Hazard in Boston.  Lacey Starr is with KPMG LLP in Boston.  Courtney Tate accepted a position with Shockey & Shockey Associates APLC in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Aaron Tillman is at Poulton and Yordan in Salt Lake City, UT.  Elise Wald works for Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford LLP in Boston.  Karen Whitter joined Ernst & Young in New York, NY.  Cynthia Woo works for Deloitte & Touche.  Keith Woodman is with Edwards, Angell Palmer & Dodge.


Athena Vakas is currently an attorney for the U.S. Department of the Treasury in the IRS Chief Counsel's Office in the Large/Mid-Size Business (LMSB) group in Boston.  Jennifer Piasecki now works for Alliantgroup, LP in Houston, TX and was recently engaged.  Felice N. Gray-Kemp continues to work for United Technologies Corp. in Connecticut but has transferred to the office of the General Counsel of UTC’s Pratt & Whitney subsidiary.  Elka T. Sachs is a Partner in the Transactional Group of Boston’s Krokidas and Bluestein, LLP.  Kathryn Friel, of the Office of Appeals at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, recently participated in BU Law’s Career Development Office’s Tax Careers Panel, discussing jobs in state revenue departments. Sherri Niles Thorne is an International Tax Manager in the Massachusetts office of BearingPoint Inc., the global consulting firm carved out of KPMG LLP.  Rafael Antun is an Associate in the Transaction Advisory Services – Transaction Tax Section at Ernst & Young in Miami, FL.


Marshal Grant is an associate at Burns & Levinson, LLP in Boston.  Jinghua Liu, who has been working in the Hong Kong office of Baker & McKenzie, has been assigned to the firm’s Palo Alto office for twelve months.  Diana Melnyk works in San Diego as an International Tax Consultant for KPMG LLP.  Mary Mix is the Manager of Regulatory Affairs at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Brookline, MA. 


Scott Aubrey is General Counsel for the Delta Equity Services Corporation, an independent broker dealer in Bolton, MA.  Jennifer Bott is a partner at Long & Bott, P.C. in Sudbury, MA.  Michael Brandner works as an Associate Attorney at Oreck, Bradley, Crighton, Adams & Chase in New Orleans.  Frederico Seabra de Carvalho is an International Tax Manager at Deloitte & Touche in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Bradley Migdal is a tax consultant at Deloitte Tax LLP in Chicago.  Byron McMasters works as an associate at Duffy Sweeney & Scott, LTD in Providence, RI. 


Avi Lev is now an associate at Davis, Malm & D’Aogstine PC of Boston and will practice in the firm’s business law and trusts and estates groups.  Javier Salinas is now the Senior Advisor to the General Counsel at the United States Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C.  Ferdinand Ten Kate is a Senior Financial Analyst at Archstone-Smith in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 


James Coyle practices at Stewart, Melvin & Frost, LLP in Gainesville, GA.


Donald Board is Special Counsel at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP in Boston.  David Nagle works in the Boston office of Sullivan & Worcester, LLP as a partner.  Angela Bynoe is a Federal Tax Quality Assurance Analyst at Block Financial in Cambridge.


Margaret Cross practices at Cushing & Dolan in Chestnut Hill, MA.  Suzanne Goldberg works at Granite Telecommunications in Quincy, MA.


Scott Schul is the Acting Director of the Tax Policy & Legislation Division of Maine Revenue Services.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maine School of Law.  Sandra Cardone is the Assistant Attorney General in Boston.  Steven Giordano is Of Counsel at Bingham McCutchen, LLP in Boston.


Richard Briansky is now focusing on complex construction, real estate and general commercial disputes at Prince, Lovel, Glovsky and Tye in Boston. Bryan S. MacCormack has his own office (Law Office of Bryan S. MacCormack, PC) focusing on Wills & Trusts, Elder Law, Asset Protection, Probate Adminstration, Business Formations and IRS Controversies.  Amelia Bormann serves as counsel at Wilmer Cutler and Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP of Boston.  Neil Cohen is an associate at Broude & Hochberg, LLP in Boston.


McKay M. Pearson continues to represent clients in tax, corporate and business planning, mergers and acquisitions and estate planning at Ray Quinney & Nebeker.  He has been voted by his peers throughout the state as one of Utah’s “Legal Elite” in the category of Corporate Law (as published in Utah Business Magazine).  Susan Atlas remains at Atlas & Atlas, P.C. of Bedford, MA.  Brandon Buckingham is now the Director of Qualified Plans at John Hancock Financial in Boston. 


Thomas Kinzler was recently named as Vice President and Counsel at John Hancock Funds.  He will oversee the legal team providing services to the John Hancock mutual funds and their Boards of Trustees.  Earl Beeman is a partner at Venable LLP in Washington, D.C.  Mark Butts is now a managing member of Boston Equity Advisors LLC of Canton, MA. 


Gabrielle Caggiano is the Vice President of Wealth Management at Smith Barney in Boston. 


Meredeth Beers is a partner in the Trusts & Estates section at Holland & Knight of Boston.


Kathleen Bornhorst continues to practice at Pepe & Hazard LLP in Hartford, CT.  Steven Burke is a shareholder and the Director and Chair of the Tax Department at Mclane Graf Raulerson and Middleton, PA of Manchester, NH.


Antonio Afonso continues his work as a partner at Moses Afonso Jackvony, Ltd in Providence.  Ronald Aseltine has his own practice in Wilton, ME.  Richard Buggy is a partner at Saslow, Lufkin & Buggy LLP in Avon, CT.  Nelson Toner is a member of the Tax & Estate Planning, Real Estate, Business Law and Health Law Practice Groups at Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson in Portland, ME.   He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Maine School of Law.


Timothy Benoit is a partner at Perkins Thompson of Portland, ME.  Michael Betcher continues to practice in his own law firm, The Law Office of Michael J. Betcher, in Lexington, MA.  Joseph Amrhein is working at Amrhein & Amrhein in Hingham, MA.  Joel Carpenter is a managing partner at Sullivan & Worcester in Boston.  Deborah DiVerdi-Carlson is a partner at Posternak, Blankstein & Lund, LLP of Boston.  Peter Golemme has his own practice in Boston.  He specializes in tax, estate planning, probate, small business and exempt organizations.  Thomas Condon is the Chief of the Litigation Bureau at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.  Michael Contorno works in Houston, TX as the Senior Corporate Counsel at Stanford Financial Group.  Edward Corbosiero is the Director of Treasury/Taxation at Pegasystems, Inc. in Cambridge.


Neal Bobruff maintains his own practice, The Law Office of Neal M. Bobruff, in Mystic, CT.  Yale Bohn is the Vice President and General Counsel for the Princeton HealthCare System.


Betty Auton-Beck has her own practice in Redlands, CA.  Alden Bianchi is a partner at Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo in Boston.  Michael Cooper works in Dallas, TX as a partner at McElree, Savage Smith.  Sharon Goldzweig serves as counsel in the benefits section at the Consolidated Edison Company of New York in New York City.


Richard Breed is an attorney and shareholder at Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rogers, P.C. in Boston.  Thomas Bird continues his work at Supervalu, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN.  Roger Asch has his own business in Portland, ME.  Stephen Cohen is the Director of Partnership Taxes for Ernst & Young in Lyndhurst, NJ.  Mary Collins is a partner at Fedele & Murray, P.C. in Norwood, MA.


Patricia Annino is a partner and Chair of the Estate Planning Department at Prince, Lobel, Glovsky & Tye LLP of Boston.  Robert Berluti continues to practice as a member of Berluti & McLaughlin, LLC in Boston.  Bruce H. Cohen is self-employed in Dedham, MA. 


George Collins maintains his own practice in Goffstown, NH.  Steven Cohen is a shareholder at Devine Millimet and Branch, PA in Manchester, NH.


Richard Birmingham is a member of Birmingham, Thorson & Barnett, P.C. in Seattle.  Eleanor Baker works as a Managing Partner at Baker, Newman & Noyes of Portland, ME.  Andrew Aloe is the president of Shenango, Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA.  Ellen Flanagan is a sole practitioner at Cope Law, LLC in Westwood, MA.  John Gilbert is a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP in Boston.


Lawrence Athan continues his work as a Partner at Posternak, Blankstein & Lund of Boston.  Katalin Brown is a tax manager at Ernst & Young in Boston.


Lawrence Blacker is self-employed and working in Boston.  Alan Gibbons is now the Director of Tax Compliance at WR Grace and Company in Boca Raton, FL.


Douglas O. Kant is the Senior Vice President and Deputy Chief Counsel for Fidelity Investments in Boston.  John Cornish is a partner at Choate Hall & Stewart in Boston.


Peter Gerard is a partner at Gerard & Ghazey in Northampton, MA.


Alexander Bove is the President of Bove & Langa, P.C., a premier estate planning boutique in Boston.  Sanford Crane is a shareholder and attorney with Marshall, Crane and McAloon, P.C. in Burlington, MA.  Edward Ginn has his own practice in Norwood, MA.


Larry Bishins is practicing at his own law firm, Larry V. Bishins, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  John Colliander has joined Colliander, Field & Brown in Portsmouth, NH.


Michael Brockelman continues to practice at Bowditch & Dewey in Worcester, MA.


Anthony Catalano is an attorney with Bond Schoeneck & King, PA in Naples, FL.


Hilton Bell is a managing partner at Milling, Benson, Woodward, Hillyer, LLP in New Orleans.


Jason Cotton is a partner at Peabody & Arnold in Boston.


Jerald Burwick is a partner at Jager Smith, P.C. in Boston.

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Alums Return to Boston for LL.M. Reunion

 Professor Tamar Frankel speaks at the LL.M. Reunion
Professor Tamar Frankel speaks at the LL.M. Reunion

During the weekend of June 16-17, 2006, more than 100 alums from the Graduate Tax Program, American Law Program and Graduate Program in Banking and Financial Law returned to Boston for the first-ever LL.M. Alumni Reunion. Alums traveled from over 20 countries and 10 states to take part in the celebration. Reunion events began on the 16th with a Welcome Reception at the BU Castle where alums had a chance to catch up with old friends. The next morning, alums gathered at the Law Tower for a colloquium with BU Law Professor Tamar Frankal on "Standards and Rules: The Cost of Specificity" and for an "Alumni Experiences" panel which featured GTP alumna Marianne Smith Geula ('05). The weekend festivities concluded with a gala dinner on Saturday evening at the Trustees ballroom.

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Career Development Office News and Events

Sabrina Halloran, LL.M. Manager in the Career Development Office of BU Law
Sabrina Halloran

Sabrina Halloran, LL.M. Manager in the Career Development Office of BU Law, is available to support and assist you as you pursue employment opportunities both in the United States and abroad. She can meet with you individually to plan your job search strategies, to review and comment on your resume and to help you improve your interviewing skills. She is eager to share with you what she has learned from her previous professional experiences as an attorney in Europe and in the United States. We encourage you to take advantage of the services and resources available at the Career Development Office. One of the services the CDO offers to alumni is a weekly e-mail notification of interesting job opportunities posted on our Web site and elsewhere. If you wish to be included in our weekly e-mail notification, please send Sabrina an e-mail confirming your interest. You can always unsubscribe at a later time. We also encourage you to periodically check our online job posting system, Symplicity. If you do not have a username and password for Symplicity, please request one from the CDO at lawcdo@bu.edu.

Upcoming CDO Events

Tax Attorney Recruiting Event (T.A.R.E.)  February 22, 2007, Washington, D.C.

Boston University School of Law in partnership with University of Florida Levin College of Law and Northwestern University School of Law will host a Tax Attorney Recruiting Event on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at the St. Gregory Luxury Hotel & Suites in Washington. This event has been organized to facilitate the recruitment of current students and recent graduates from the three schools’ LL.M. in Taxation programs in an organized, time-efficient manner. Tax employers nationwide are invited to meet with LL.M. students and recent graduates from three of the nation’s elite Graduate Tax Programs. We expect that over 150 LL.M. students and recent graduates from the three schools will participate in the event.

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Keep in Touch with the GTP!

Would you like your information to appear in the next issue of the Alumni Newsletter? Please send us an online Class Note by visiting the Alumni Office Web site. Additionally, if your contact information has changed, please send us your updated work or home address!

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