Class Notes Archive - 1930's

Benjamin Nesson '32 passed away on June 4, 2004. He practiced law in Boston for more than fifty years, and for over fifteen of those years was associated with fellow BU Law alums Melvin J. Dangel and Joseph B. Silverio. Ben Nesson was devoted to BU and was an active member of the BU Law School Alumni Association. In 1966, he was honored with his appointment as a Special Assistant Attorney General by then Massachusetts Attorney General, Edward W. Brooke. Ben leaves his wife of almost 70 years, Celia, three children, seven grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. (6/04)

Anthony J. DeLuca '36 writes that he retired after 30 years of service to the Veteran's Administration -including three years with the Navy Service. He lives in Warwick, R.I and writes "I can attest to the value of the educational and vocational benefits of the G.I. ride. I now enjoy travel in Europe and the Caribbean and summers in New England." (11/99)

Peter Gay '39 was the first recipient in his diocese to be honored with the St. Thomas More Award. He lives in Taunton, Mass. (11/99)