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Class of 1970

Class of 1971

Gary W. Holmes

Married happily for 37 years! Good health, good friends, wonderful sons and a private practice in the same small town since graduation but with a state wide practice in my second career as an estate planning attorney...a practice that will energizes me for the rest of my life. 9/7/06

James A. Neuberger

Not quite lately, but this is my first submission to this website. I left the law in 1980. I became a math teacher and subsequently entered a doctoral program in mathematics education at Rutgers, where I am now working on a dissertation.

In 2004 I finally married my longtime best friend, Helen Stambler. We were introduced in 1977 by my B.U. classmate, Gladys George. Gladys is not my only law school friend. Marilyn Piken and I share NY Rangers hockey tickets! 9/27/06

Erica Levine Powers

In 2003 I waived into the New York bar and set up an office in Newburgh, New York, which is located on the Hudson Estuary, just north of West Point. Six months ago I became Of Counsel at Tarshis, Catania, Liberth, Mahon & Milligram, PLLC, a vibrant regional firm, 20 lawyers and still growing, with national clients in litigation and corporate transactions. The focus of my practice is land use, environmental and municipal law, and real estate-oriented business practice. This summer I wrote my first appellate briefs.

In 2005 I was honored to be elected president of the Orange County-Sullivan County Chapter of the Women's Bar Association of the State of New York (WBASNY). I now serve as an elected member of the WBASNY Board of Directors and on the Legislation Committee. As an organization that represents nearly 4,000 New York lawyers, WBASNY has a strong voice promoting legislation affecting women, including this year's no-fault divorce legislation. 9/29/06

Class of 1972

J. William Codinha

Much has happened since our last reunion, and of course, much has remained the same. I remain happily married to Carolyn Thayer Ross (BA, Univ. of Penn.'70; J.D.,BC,'75). I am still at the same firm, (Nixon Peabody) and I still live in Brookline.

My role at my firm has continued to evolve as the firm has grown (currently 750 attorneys). I previously was the PGL of business litigation, leading 180 attorneys, now I am the Deputy Department leader, with responsibility for 350 attorneys. Not to worry, it's much like herding cats, with about the same expected response. The firm has major offices in NYC,Roc,DC,SF,Chi and LA- so I spend a lot of time in the air. I also try to keep an active trial practice, and have specialized in White Collar cases for the last thirty years. I still get into court fairly often, and even appear in front of a jury once in a while- it's still the most satisfying aspect of the practice for me.

When I'm not practicing law or herding cats, I serve on several boards including the MSPCA and the Huntington Theatre. Carolyn also serves on the MSPCA, Boston Ballet and several other boards, so we remain activly engaged in community affairs.

My children keep me moving too. Justin is at Northeastern in Boston, Cotton is in Denver and Sasha is at St. Andrews in Scotland- they are located perfectly for skiing and golf, so I have no complaints in that catagory.

I sometimes miss my government service days, but there is always time for a second (and third) career. The law has provided a wonderful place to continue to grow- I can only hope the next 50 years will be as much fun as these have proven to be.

Gail V. Coleman

I retired 5 years ago from the US Department of Labor, after almost 30 years enforcing and administering Wage and Hour laws. Shortly after that I finally married my partner of 28 years. No kids. I am currently working on a Ph.D. in medieval history. This allows me to travel to Italy every year! To keep my nose in my old field, I am the editor-in-chief of the annual supplements to the ABA/BNA treatise on the Family and Medical Leave Act. My other passions are travel, reading, and I am finally getting fit! Who has enough time in retirement??

Judith Koffler

This year I am a visiting professor at Chapman University Law School teaching Agency and Partnership and International Business Transactions, as well as my old standby, Law and Literature. My first-born, who arrived over spring break of my second year at BULS, is now the progenitor of Dante Serafino Koffler, my first grandson. I would welcome news from classmates and would especially like to hear from those on the west coast. (10/07)

Sandra Moody

At the end of 2003, I "retired" from 29 years of practice in the area of public school law. Since then my professional activities have been limited to teaching two courses each year on education law to teachers who are enrolled in programs to become licensed school administrators. One of those programs is affiliated with Boston University and the other with Fitchburg State College. The remainder of my time has been spent dealing with family issues and traveling with my husband, Patrick King, LAW 1967. (10/07)

Roger Nelson

I retired in 2000 from the Federal Government after 30 years of service. I lived on Cape Cod for about 6 years and moved full-time to Florida earlier this year. I plan to do extensive travel.

Lawrence Weiner

Susan & I joined the Grandparent club this year and it is special; Still skiing and this year we caught piranhas on the Amazon River in Brazil; Work wise we opened an assisted living facility in Malden and my sons joined my brother and me in our retail liquor business - CHEAP PLUG COMING - 4 locations, including 2 Sav-Mor Stores in Somerville and Kappy's at Fresh Pond Circle in Cambridge. Ask for the BU LAW School discount, they won't know what you are talking about but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Class of 1973

Class of 1974

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Class of 1976

Jeffrey M. Aresty

Two years ago, I started a bar association on the internet. Our first public service project empowers women and children in developing countries by using e-commerce strategies to eliminate the middleman and bring their products directly to the global marketplace. Also, through our online education programs and virtual bar meetings such as Cyberweek, lawyers can learn how to transform their practices to begin practicing law in cyberspace by using internet communication technologies such as online dispute resolution, which is how we will all be practicing within the coming decade.  Please join. It's free. 9/19/06

Nancy Barton

I retired in December 2002, following 15 years at Weil, Gotshal & Manges in New York (specializing in mergers and acquisitions litigation) and 11 years at GE Capital in Stamford CT (4 years as litigation counsel and 7 years as General Counsel). During the past four years, I have continued my service as a director of a local charitable organization, as well as work for my college (Tufts) and BU Law. In 2005, I was elected to the Board of Estimate and Taxation in Greenwich CT, which controls the Town's fiscal and budgetary affairs.

Most of my time is spent indulging two inter-related personal interests: I have traced the genealogy of various lines of my family back to their immigration into the U.S. from England in the 1600s and later from Ireland, Holland and Bohemia in the 1800s. And I have located old family photograph collections, going back to the beginnings of photography, and have scanned and restored them on my trusty Mac. I have merged the genealogy and the photography in a web site, still under construction.

In addition, I have traveled to some wonderful places, including Antarctica, Nepal, Australia, and the Galapagos Islands. 9/22/06

Elaine Friedman

Married to Barry Bassik, also a lawyer in general practice in Great Neck, NY. Son, Michael,27, is a political consultant in Washington, D.C. and, although we begged him to be anything but...,  is getting a law degree at night and in his spare time. Daughter, Jessica, 23, looks like my clone and is a teacher in New York City. Wait a minute, is this J-Date? The best thing to come out of BU Law for me is the lasting friendship I have with Lenore Kramer and Sheila Burke Clark.

Hi to all my study group friends from Section D and everyone else too! 9/19/06

Mark S. Granger

My practice continues in Product Liability and Toxic Tort defense work on a national basis. I remain involved with defending many sporting goods and equipment manufacturers as well as helping them with design and warnings and instructions issues. I also do a lot of work with marine and land recreational vehicles and construction equipment. The best part of the job is getting to use all the products involved in the cases!

My Firm continues to grow with offices all over the northeast from New Jersey to New Hampshire.

Kathy and I are almost empty nesters! Chris is out on his own working and sharing a house in Stoughton with 4 other guys. Erin, after graduating from Emerson College, is pursuing a show business career in California and New York. Andrew heads to college next year but is boarding at school this year. He plans a career in "recreational eco-tourism" and spends much of his free time in the outdoors!

It is finally peaceful at home and Kathy has been able to travel with me on vacations from her teaching job.

We hope to see my classmates at reunion- Boston has really changed in the past 5 years- you won't recognize downtown now that the big dig is almost done.  Call us or e-mail us! 8/30/06

Larry Hyman

After years as a government enforcement attorney, I took a Masters in biology and became a patent lawyer. For the past nine years, I've been practicing in the San Francisco office of a 175-lawyer firm specializing in IP, where I'm a partner in the biotech patent practice. Classmates whose travels bring them to San Francisco are welcome to give me a call. 9/22/06

Larry Magid

For those few of you who may have been wondering why you haven't seen me around (and why you won't see me at Reunion), I went to work for a firm in Sydney, Australia in 1980, intending to stay for two years. I became a partner there in 1984 and am still there! This says much about my ability to predict the future and even more about the outstanding quality of life available in Sydney, even for a tax lawyer. I am still happily married to a woman I met in the first month of my first job after graduation in 1976. Our two children are almost 21 and almost 17. I loved seeing the photo of our fearless foursome on the front of the Reunion brochure and if any of my classmates from '76 are passing through this part of the world I hope you will get in touch. If you google my name, I am not the one who writes all the IT stuff in the LA Times or the one who used to produce rock concerts in Philadelphia; if you still can't find it, try Allens Arthur Robinson. 9/22/06

Hugh Mo

In January 1994, Mr. Mo established the Law Firm of Hugh H. Mo, P.C. The Firm represents Pacific Rim and domestic Chinese clients in corporate, commercial, criminal, investment, litigation and real estate matters.  The Firm serves as General Counsel to The Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations in the United States as well as U.S. General Counsel for many foreign entrepreneurs and corporate entities.

During the past seventeen years, Mr. Mo and the Firm have been actively engaged in the practice of white collar criminal defense and the handling of complex commercial and corporate litigation in the Federal and State courts, administrative tribunals, and hearings before the American Arbitration Association.  Additionally, the Firm has handled numerous commercial and real estate transactions.

Mr. Mo is 55 years of age, married to Maria Yin Cheung and has three children, Elizabeth (23), Hugh, Jr. (11) and Douglas (9), and resides in Douglaston Manor, New York.

Carol E. Nesson

After many years in government practice as assistant corporation counsel for the city of Boston and general counsel to the Boston Retirement Board, I took early retirement 3 years ago.  I went back to school - the certified financial planning program at BU (run by Bob Glovsky) -and started my own practice.  Most of my work involves pensions and retirement and trusts and estates.  I have found a niche practice writing QDROs for divorce attorneys. 

I married shortly after law school, have two sons - now 23 and 25, divorced, and now spend free time volunteering for Rosie's Place, traveling, reading and gardening.  Life has gone a lot faster than I expected; there is less and less time for the "somedays." 9/19/06

David W. Slaby

I retired from the practice of law almost three and a half years ago. I started my legal career at Kirkland & Ellis in Chicago with four other members of the class of '76 and concluded it as the founding and managing partner of McDermott, Will & Emery's Silicon Valley office. I now live in Napa Valley with my wife, Margo. We just released our first vintage, a 2002 Slaughterhouse Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes for our wine come entirely from our property which included a slaughterhouse that had served this part of the valley from 1884 to 1925, when cattle greatly outnumbered grape vines in the valley. Visit us in Rutherford or on our Web site.

Class of 1977

Cheryl Fay Coon

In addition to being happily involved in working to conserve and protect oceans, fish and wildlife, I enjoy spending time with husband Jim (also a lawyer; he jousts with tobacco companies), children Nora (18) and Eli (15), and our three dogs. Jim and I recently bought a Suzuki 650 and love road trips. (We used to go by tandem bicycle but it’s a lot of fun to cover more ground!) We love Portland – it’s an easy city to live and work in (we live on nine acres about ten minutes from the city center). (6/07)

Toby Kamens

I recently moved back to Boston after living in Maryland for 20 years. I am in private practice, specializing in real estate law. It would be great to reconnect with old classmates.

David E. Levine

I am proud of the response of Boston University in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. My son is a displaced Tulane student and, living in the New York area, he is attending Columbia University. I know that Boston University is treating displaced students with similar generosity, both in the School of Law and at the undergraduate level. My son hopes to return to Tulane next semester but, we are anxiously awaiting Tulane's plans for its reopening.

Maurice Alan Libner

Member of the board of Congregation Beth Israel, Bath, Maine where I enjoy attending Shabbos services as often as I can; member of the Brunswick, Maine 3.0 U.S.T.A. men's and seniors tennis teams; riding my motorcycles as often as possible. (7/07)

Peter Mardinly

Professionally, still in suburban Philadelphia, but now licensed in FL and US VI (last year- bar exams are not fun but the scenery is spectacular). Still doing the odd mixture of a little bit of everything - real estate transactions, financing, litigation, development, tax planning, etc. etc. etc. Enjoying being empty nester - Sue and I spent our 25th anniversary in Paris and the Loire Valley. Our son, Alan, is now in a Ph.D. program in Neurobiology at Harvard - seems like it is hard to stay away from Boston - our daughter Shaina on the other hand has gone south and is a junior at UNC Chapel Hill. (9/07)

Joanne M. Neale

In 2000 I decided to use the other side of my brain and started a landscape design business, Garden Mentor, serving the Metrowest area. It has grown (no pun intended) to the point that I have given up my own law practice. However, I do consult to other attorneys during the winter, when my business is “resting.” I also write feature articles for magazines (including Wellesley-Weston Magazine) during my business’ down time. Any alumni looking for a highly experienced business and transactional attorney who is a quick study, to fill out research, writing and other matters that do not involve court appearances or client contact, please feel free to contact me from November-March.

Oh, and by the way, I am now almost 60 and a grandmother of a three-year-old- Yikes!

My little girl who used to used to draw pictures while I studied in the law library is now 38 and a mother. When she was 16, I married Bill, and our son starts college this year.


Kenneth Shapiro

It's hard to believe that 30 years have passed since graduation! I've maintained an active practice specializing in creditors' rights / collection law handling matters throughout Pennsylvania, and would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to fellow graduates attempting to recover uncollectible accounts in PA. Caron and I have watched our three children (Peter, Meredith and Stuart) grow, graduate college, and move on with their lives. Over the past few weeks, Caron and I were blessed with the birth of our first grandson, Harrison Reed Shapiro. Best wishes to all - sorry I couldn't attend this year. (9/07)

Daniel Stark

I retired from AT&T in 2004 in order to pursue a career as an author. I have published one book (Silence of the Bunnies - see and written a second.

I worked 21 years at AT&T, retiring as a Vice President and officer of the company. Before that I spent 6 years in private practice, three at a small firm (Cole Raywid & Braverman) and three at a larger firm (Dickstein, Shapiro & Morn). (10/07)

Joel R. Weiss

I was an Assistant D.A. in Nassau County and served as Frauds and Rackets Bureau Chief until 1988. Since then I have been a defense attorney, concentrating in white collar work, primarily federal. Over the past year I have been representing 2 American pilots in relation to a major air crash in Brazil. I am happy to say that I enjoy my work. I am married to Karen Wigle Weiss, B.U. Law class of 1979. Our children, Charlie and Suzy, attend Wesleyan University and Friends Academy, respectively. I would like to hear from any classmates who are interested in making contact. (9/07)

Joyce Wixson

Married to Richard Wixson, M.D. orthopedic surgeon; 4 children ranging in age from 16 to 23 (Jonathan, Elizabeth, Brit, and Jessica); worked in Chicago at Clausen & Miller (1977-1990)Davis, Hands & Liss (1996-1998) Lane & Lane (1998-1990) and Sneckenberg, Thompson & Brody (2006 to present) specializing in medical malpractice litigation. Enjoys traveling, performing in community theater, skiing and boating, and wants to start investing in real estate. (9/07)

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