Class Notes - J.D. - 1960s

Class of 1961

Armand Arabian

After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles and became a deputy district attorney (1962-1963). Then I entered into the private practice of law (1963-1972). In 1972, Gov. Ronald Reagan appointed me to the Los Angeles Municipal Court and in 1973, I was elevated to the Superior Court.  In 1983, Governor George Deukmejian elevated me to the Court of Appeal and in 1990, to the California Supreme Court.  I retired in 1996 and became an active participant in alternative dispute resolution, as well as the practice of law.  Married to Nancy in 1962.  Have a daughter, a son and four grandchildren. 8/10/06

Ray Brearey

I continue to serve as President of Cambridge Appleton Trust, N.A.[national trust company owned by Cambridge Savings Bank and Appleton Partners, Inc located at 45 Milk St., Boston , Ma 02109.] At age 70 it may be time to smell the roses and work on my declining golf game. Sorry I couldn't make any of the reunion events but I had conflicts with reunion planning for the class of 1958 at Bowdoin College. 9/25/06

Sam Faulise

Retired 2004, private criminal practice.  Married Anita Faulise, 2 children, Anthony is a grad. Princeton, rice and duke mba.  Rachel, Barnard, Columbia, now Smithsonian D.C. Sam, nat'l board certified; ct. academy certified lawyers; former governors com. judicial nominations; bd.governors ct.criminal def.lawyers; author paperback "If you are arrested" Extensive family world travel incl. Antarctic; Rep. official whistleblower Pan Am. Lockerbie crash. Involved for many years in local politics-government and Golf, Wethersfield Club.  Hold US utility patent on personal comfort device. Many years of ongoing continuing edu. Trinity Coll. Htfd. Enjoy wide range reading and our home, keeping property up. Recent first grandchild Zsofia.

Class of 1962

Alan B. Fodeman

Solo practice has been very rewarding. Very proud of family, especially son Morris, who is an Assistant United States Attorney, Eastern District of New York. After winning a death penalty case last winter (first time in 53 years in New York) he has just been awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the United States Attorney General.

Irving Labovitz

Closed my private practice in May, 2003. Moved permanently to FL. I commute regularly to my corporate client, in MA.

Class of 1964

Burt Peltz

I am working part-time, making sure that I have enough time to enjoy life with my wife of 43 years and our children and grandchildren. We spend as much time as we can at our house on the Cape, plus traveling whenever we can. With cell phone, fax and e-mail I find that I do not have to be tied down to my office; I can work as effectively often from the beach and elsewhere. I never realized that life could be this good.

Class of 1965

Class of 1966

Martin Kantrovitz

Things have gone very well for me. I am happily married with 5 wonderful children, one of whom is now in law school. I maintain an active practice, which I love, and like the fact that I have been able to help thousands of children by winning the landmark lead poisoning case some 20 years ago.

Sherwood R. Spelke

I am still practicing law in my hometown of Stamford, Conn. I now have five grandchildren, all living in Maine. I am active in the local Bar Association and was an assistant corporation counsel for the City of Stamford for many years. My practice emphasizes residential real estate and probate.

Class of 1967

Michelle Snyder Battles

I have been retired for four years--no more battling the conservative 4th Circuit with my Civil Rights and Disability Rights employment cases. No more finding out that my own divorce client is a liar, no more getting stiffed by clients, no more soft tissue injuries that don't amount to squat. I loved most of it, but when cynicism started to set in, it was time: for exercise, French lessons, taking up golf, volunteering, travel, redecorating, reading at the beach. There really is a wonderful life after retirement.

Lee Berk

Retired in 2004 as President of Boston's Berklee College of Music to Santa Fe, NM with my wife Susan. Am serving on the NM Music Commission and began a Friends of Santa Fe Jazz organization. Also volunteer for SCORE, the Service Core of Retired Executives, a national organizations that helps for profit and non profit organizations. Have enjoyed staying in touch with professor Neil Hecht and contributing to his Jewish Law Institute, a non profit publishing group that annually publishes titles on Jewish law subjects. (7/07)

Joel S. Cohen

After over 30 years of defending US Military personnel before Courts-Martial throughout Europe, I closed my practice, reined in my ego and discovered there is indeed a life beyond the courtroom. My wife, Roswitha, and I now spend our summers in Germany and our winters getting to know our grandchildren in Seattle. I don’t know if we will be attending this year’s reunion, but I would enjoy hearing from those of you who might want to say hello. My e-mail address is (6/07)

Hon. Patrick King

Wife- Sandra L. Moody, LAW '72. Daughters- Honor and Rachel
After 26 years on the bench I retired from the MA Superior Court in 2003 and joined JAMS where I work as a mediator and arbitrator.

During the past 15 years I have worked in rule of law programs with judges in 12 countries. I am presently working as a consultant for the Ministry of Investment in Egypt where I am setting up a mediation program to resolve shareholder disputes in Egyptian Corporations.I have spent 6 weeks in Egypt over the past year and will be in Egypt for about 8 weeks over the next year finishing this project which includes training lawyers in Egypt to mediate shareholder disputes.


Stanley J. Krieger

Since Septemebr, 1985 I have been General Counsel to Braman Management Association. We formerly were the North American Importer and Distributor of the Sterling automobile, for which I helped establish the dealer organization of 250 dealers and oversaw all legal matters. [We did everything right except one thing--we let the Brits manufacture the automobile!!].

Presently, we own and oversee 9 luxury automobile dealerships in Miami and Palm Beach, FL and Denver, CO. I also have been somewhat involved in the legal affairs of the Philadelphia Eagles (which Mr. Braman sold in 1993)and in Duckhorn Winery, St. Helena, CA. We currently have over 1300 employees in our organization. To say the least, I am busy!
Obviously, I am involved not only in the legal end of the automobile businesses, but also have all of the General Managers reporting to us--so I am called upon daily to provide business advice as well.

Personally, I have a significant other, who is our HR Director, have two children and 2 grandchildren. I like to read, attend baseball games, play (at) golf, and love to travel.

Also, I am active in a few public/private committees and in various trade associations. I have written most of the Florida law governing the relationship between automobile manufacturers and dealers. (10/07)


Harley Smith

Spent first five years (1967-72) with Boston law firm of Tyler & Reynolds, now defunct.  In 1972 moved to my hometown St Louis to take staff attorney position with Mallinckrodt, a fine chemical/pharmaceutical manufacturer.  Mallinckrodt was acquired by Avon in 1982, I moved to Avon HQ in New York for similar staff position.  In 1984 I moved back to St Louis for staff position with Emerson Electric headquartered here, where I worked for 22 years before retiring in 2006. My two grown children, and two grandchildren, live here and I enjoy them and retirement immensely. (6/07)

Jeffrey R. Whieldon

I retired from Federal government service on September 2, 2006, having spent the last 18 years as a Supervisory Attorney in the Office of Unfair Import Investigations of the U.S. International Trade Commission. I was responsible for handling IP litigation at the Commission, mostly patent matters.

I joined Fish & Richardson's DC office on September 5. Press releases and announcements will go out shortly. I am also being listed as associated with the Boston office as well, as I expect to spend time there too. I will be certain that the school receives copies of both the HTML announcement and press release for the Boston office. 9/14/06

Class of 1968


Class of 1969

Michael Wheeler

I still live in my hometown of Gloucester, Mass., where Candace and I raised two daughters, both artistically inclined. I continue to teach and write. I lucked into the field of negotiation many years ago. Greater Boston happens to be the epicenter of activity in this realm, which allowed me to collaborate with economists, psychoanalysts, mediators, improv artists, and jazz musicians. It's also prompted interesting visitorships and consulting. Outside of work, I indulge myself in sailing and hockey, the latter mostly as a spectator nowadays.