Class Notes - J.D. - 1950s

Class of 1950

Leon Wigrizer

Dee and I still live in center city Philadelphia and enjoy our grandchildren. My health is fair, but I must use an electric wheelchair since my back and shoulders prevent me from walking very much.
Hope to see notes from other classmates who are still able to keep in touch. (9/07)


Class of 1951

Gegory Adamian

On May 12, 2007, Gregory H. Adamian Law '51 was awarded the "Ellis Island Medal of Honor". He was a professor of law, President Emeritus and Chancellor of Bentley College. An Academic building is named in his honor as well as an endowed "Professorship in Law".

Edward J. Bander

Edward J. Bander CLA '49, Law '51 was the recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the New England Law Librarians in April of 2007. He is also the author of LEGAL ANECDOTES, WIT, AND REJOINDER (2007). The anecdotes include a few from such B.U. luminaries as President Marsh, P. Denison Smith, and Tom Lambert. (6/07)

Class of 1955

Barbara Veroneau Evans

I have a trusts and estates practice in McLean, Va. Larry (BU Law '54) and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with our three sons and four grandchildren. We can sometimes be reached in Tierra Verde, Fla.

John N. Samaha

I retired in 1990. Lately, I spend most of my time with one of my eight grandchildren, who aspires to play tennis in college and hopefully turn professional. He is currently a high school sophomore in Tampa, Fla. I have four children, all quite successful. My youngest (40 years old and unmarried) practices law in St. Petersburg where I live with my wife, Adelia Malouf. After 54 years of marriage my advice to newly marrieds is that the first 25 years are the hardest. Another grandson, also 15 years old, aspires to become a professional violinist. He is home-schooled to be able to practice, practice, practice. I still love to play tennis but my body doesn't.

Class of 1956

Charles E. Bennett

I have been retired for over 11 years and now live in Florida. Because of back problems I play golf only once a week. I practiced real estate law for 38 years in Attleboro, MA before retiring. Until recently I played a lot of duplicate bridge but now stay home mostly with several trips a year to casinos.

Class of 1957

Phillip Bouchard

Currently, I am Professor of Law Emeritus. I taught law at Marquette for six years, and then returned to help establish a full-time law school at Western New England College. I taught there for thirty-two years. Earlier, in Massachusetts, I served as an Assistant Attorney General, Legal Advisor to the Commissoner of Mental Health, a trial attorney, and as a regular panelist on WBZ-TV's "Brainstorm". I have two loving daughters, two wonderful grandchildren, and a fantastic wife, Louisa-May, who is also a retired teacher. We currently live in Wilbraham, MA and are contemplating a move to Florida. We look forward to seeing you at our "first" 50th reunion! (10/07)

Doris Toltz Friedman

I look forward to returning for my 50th reunion from law school I am still working and have just won decisively a primary campaign for reelection to a four year term as Greenburgh town Judge. I also still am practising law and family mediation. My three daughters live, with their families relatively near me. My eldest daughter is a attorney, second in managing director of Credite Suisse, and the third is an executive with Hadassah. I have nine grandchildren and one greatgrandchid (a year old). Sadly, my wonderful husband died ten years ago. He is missed by all of us. I am still active in community activites; on a number of boards but less than previously. I'm cutting down a little. My career and life have been good, active and always interesting. I still look forward to every day. When I have time I travel and am determined to get to all seven continents-have made six so far and only Australia/New Zealand is missing. Still love to garden, read, attend concerts and theater with family and friends and avidly watch and root for my Red Sox even though I am living within the "evil empire"

Raymond L. King

I plan to attend my 50th Law School reunion in October and hope to see many of my former classmates at that time. When I graduated from Law School I moved to Michigan and worked for Ford Motor Company. After completing the Management Training Program I was appointed Manager of Purchasing Administration in one of the Company’s Divisions. Three years later I took a leave of absence from Ford to work on the staff of the Oakland County Republican Committee. I took a leave of absence from that job when I became a candidate for the Michigan Constitutional Convention. I was elected and spent the next 7 ½ months drafting the new Michigan Constitution. Upon completion, and approval of that document by the citizens, I moved north to West Branch and was appointed County Prosecutor. Six years later I was elected Probate Judge and 20 years later I retired and returned to limited private practice.

My wife, Jean, passed away in 1986. We had three children, two girls and a boy. My son is an attorney for the Chrysler Corporation. I married my present wife, Mary, in 1987. We are both retired now and spend our winters in Florida. So far we enjoy good health and are very content. We both spend time in public service activities and I play golf and do some fishing in my spare time. I look forward to our 50th Reunion. (6/07)

Charles N. Miller

About June 1954 my friend Jerry Finn (Law '56) told me to go to Ashburton Place -that I would like B.U. Law. I entered Isaac Rich Hall, greeted by the smiles of Margo, Irene and Jody. George Carleton gave me the application, Dean Hettrick said hello and here we are 53 years later. Fox Hall was full of great guys - Cooley, Lallo, Friend, Cornelio, Lattanzi,Ludorf. You had to do well in their company. As well as taught by Kent, Lambert, Carlin, Hughes, Beisel,Siskind, et al. (10/07)

Joseph C. Sweeney

I continue to write and teach about the law at Fordham University School of Law at Lincoln Center in New York. In 1998, Cornell Maritime Press published "The Law of Marine Collision," written with Nicholas J. Healy; in 2006, Transnational Publishers (now Brill)published "Aviation Law: Cases,Laws and Related Sources," written with Paul B. Larsen and John E. Gillick. In the field of international law, the Fordham International Law Journal published my article, "Guantanamo and U.S. Law," in its February 2007 issue.
I look forward to seeing many of my classmates at the Reunion and send best wishes to each member of the Class of 1957.

Class of 1959

Lewis L. Whitman

The July after we graduated, Sylvia and I married and have been happily married ever since. We have three sons and we are now blessed with three grandchildren. After taking early retirement, I practiced on a limited basis for ten years and have since cranked back to a very limited practice; one that does not interfere with my taking time to sail, ski a little, travel and be able to divide my time between Cape Cod and Florida. We are in Osterville most of the year and Naples for the winter. I am teaching one course at BU Law and I enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with the law school.