Young Alumni Council - FAQs

How can I get more involved with the YAC?

The YAC is always looking for new volunteers. Decide which area you’re interested in helping and contact Sara Dacey for more information.

Why isn’t there a YAC chapter in my city?

The YAC is a brand new initiative at BU Law. Therefore, in establishing the first chapters we had to select a few cities where we have a large or very active young alumni population. We will add chapters as the group continues to grow.

What kinds of things does the YAC do?

The YAC plans young alumni social events, community service events and networking events. It also assists the admissions office in finding volunteers for recruiting and prospective student events. The YAC helps the CDO with mentoring and networking and serves as a resource for current students. Finally, the YAC helps get young alumni involved with the School and participating in the School’s future through fundraising.

How can I become an officer?

If you’re interested in serving as an officer, please contact Sara Dacey for more information.

What is going on in my city?

For a list of upcoming events, please see the events calendar under the Alumni tab.