Alumni/Student Mentoring Program

For over a decade, the Mentor Program was designed as a means of connecting first-year students to School of Law alumni in the Boston area. Students assigned to local alumni benefit from the guidance and advice offered by individuals who understand, through firsthand experience, the issues and concerns students face. Participating alumni, with just modest investments of their time, get to maintain intimate contact with their law school, and have the warm satisfaction of having contributed to the comfort and education of future lawyers.

Mentors make a one-year commitment, beginning in students’ first semester of the first-year through the first semester of their second year. Mentors may specify how many students they would like to be assigned. In November, mentors and students are invited to meet each other at a Kickoff Event hosted by the School of Law. Throughout the year, mentors are free to offer their mentees assistance in whatever way they choose.

Suggested mentoring activities include:

  • Take your student to lunch
  • Invite your student to visit your office
  • Bring your student along to observe court proceedings, a deposition, or a closing
  • Offer guidance with course selection
  • Critique your student’s resume
  • Conduct a mock job interview
  • Discuss your area of practice. Share your opinions about your field of law or work environment
  • Introduce your student to colleagues who are working in fields outside your areas of expertise
  • Offer tips on course outlines, and preparing for exams
  • If your student is from out of state, offer tips on fun places to go and things to do in the Boston area
  • Be available to field questions and concerns about law school, exams, and career decisions.
  • Facilitate meetings between current first-year mentees and former second-year and third-year mentees.

If you would like to volunteer to be a mentor to one or more members of the Class of 2018, please fill out a Mentor Program Enrollment Form. If you have any questions about the Mentor Program please contact Sara Dacey in the Esdaile Alumni Office at (617) 358-4873.