Law Firm Challenge Fact Sheet

The Boston University School of Law Law Firm Challenge is a giving program designed to give alumni at law firms an opportunity to reconnect with their alma mater and promote giving to the Law Fund in a fun and challenging way. Firms in the Challenge compete for the highest percentage of alumni giving to the BU Law Fund. Those with the highest participation rates receive special public recognition, and alumni donors at those firms are individually acknowledged and thanked for their support. By participating in the Challenge, graduates will help BU Law be one of the very best law schools in the country, strengthen the School of Law network and enhance the profile of the graduate's own law firm and organization.

Why the Law Firm Challenge?

Reason One: To Raise Participation

The Challenge seeks to raise BU Law’s alumni participation rate. “Participation” is the percentage of law school alumni who give any dollar amount to any BU Law fund.  It’s not just a statistic. Participation rates are looked to by corporations and foundations as a measure of satisfaction and strength when making decisions about directing their gifts to universities like Boston University and BU School of Law.  

Reason Two: To Strengthen the School of Law Network

The Challenge is designed to achieve an equally important second goal - to build upon the network among alumni, students, firms and employers, and BU Law - a set of important relationships that are clearly mutually beneficial. Our alumni benefit by reconnecting with BU Law and each other in a truly positive and fun way - working as a team to support their alma mater, and through that, rekindling fond memories of their days at BU Law.  Each of the firms and employers benefit by enhancing their recruiting prospects among some of the best and brightest law students anywhere - those getting a first-rate education at BU School of Law. Finally, BUSL and its students benefit from the network by being able to better leverage the tremendous resources and contacts of its alumni at the firms participating in the Challenge, bringing the critical message of alumni support to the students of BU Law.

What Counts Towards Participation?

Any monetary gift made to BU Law by a graduate from July 1 to June 30 counts toward your firm’s goal of 100% alumni participation and total dollars raised in this year's Challenge.  Though any gift is appreciated, the suggested donation for a partner is $1,000 and for associates, $250.  If your firm has a matching gift program, you can double or triple your gift!

What Will Be Reported?

The participation rates of the top two firms in each Challenge level as well as the total dollars raised at the top two firms in each Challenge level will be reported.

What type of Recognition is given?

Firms with the highest level of alumni participation or funds raised receive special public recognition, including: recognition in the BU Law Magazine The Record, BU Law ’s website, newsletter, and in eNews.

Join the Challenge!

If you would like to help your firm increase its alumni participation in the Challenge by becoming a Firm Captain, or if you'd like to know who your current Firm Captain is, contact Caroline Kernan at 617-358-5459 or