Alumni Association Updates

Dear fellow BU Law alumni,

It has been my honor to serve as the president of the Alumni Association for the 2012-2013 year.  It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with so many motivated alumni on the executive committee as well as be part of this exciting time at the law school during our Building on Excellence Campaign. Every EC Standing Committee was active and its members involved in helping the law school’s priorities become a reality.

This year has seen many exciting developments within the School of Law community.  I am thrilled to say that we now have eight BU School of Law regional chapters established throughout the country in cities including Boston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.  These chapters not only reconnect classmates and expand BU Law’s footprint nationally, but serve as a resource for students looking for career mentorship or placement opportunities.  In FY13, we held nearly 40 events in 9 major cities and with over 600 alumni in attendance.  These events included young alumni happy hours, professional networking breakfasts, student mentoring receptions, educational panel discussions, and admitted student receptions.  For the first time we participated in Boston University’s Global Days of Service program in Boston and New York.  Watch for upcoming events in your city as these chapters aren’t slowing down! 

This year we can also celebrate our success in increasing the total dollars raised for the Law Fund.  With an increase of 4.2% raised over last year’s total, are closer than ever to breaking the $1 million mark.  As you know so well, the Law Fund is critical to the School as it allows the dean to use the funds for the School’s most pressing needs, which more recently has been student financial aid.  Our personal investment in this great institution will “pay it forward” to so many deserving BU Law students.  We can feel proud to contribute to a place that educates students not only in the theory of law, but also the practice and application so they can be fully prepared as they enter the job market.

Our support is needed now more than ever to help with the job placement of our students.  Our degrees from BU Law have allowed us to pursue rewarding careers, and now we have the opportunity to put BU Law graduating students at the top of the list when considering new hires.  We know the talent that comes out of BU Law, so I ask you to recognize this by being a resource for students for networking and job placement.   I encourage you to register online at on the BU Law Connection.

There are so many exciting and meaningful ways to support BU Law, and I ask you to think about how you want to give back and support the law school.  I also would recommend visiting campus to see all the exciting changes taking place.  The steel is up for the Sumner M. Redstone Building, and the landscape of BU School of Law is changing every day. Please consider becoming an involved member of the BU Law community as your support means so much for your fellow alumni, current students, and generations of aspiring lawyers to come!

Carla M. Moynihan (’95)

Alumni Activities and Benefits

Boston University School of Law is grateful to all of our alumni who have participated in our events across the country this year, and we are especially thankful for those who have served the School in volunteer leadership positions. Our alumni network's recent surge of energy and enthusiasm demonstrates why you are the backbone of the BU Law community.

Learn other ways to get involved--from mentoring a student to joining a regional alumni chapter--as well as what benefits you can enjoy just because you are a Boston University alumni.

Alumni Volunteers

We would like to acknowledge the following School of Law alumni who volunteer for the University at the highest level and serve as University Trustees and University Overseers.


Richard Cartier Godfrey (’79)
Stephen M. Zide (’86)


Steven R. Becker (’76)
Thomas M. Bowers (’89)
Gerard H. Cohen (’62)
Derek Davis (’89)
David B. Ellis (’57)
William Macauley (’69)
Kenneth P. Morrison (’83)
Ryan Roth Gallo (’99)

2012-2013 Alumni Association Executive Committee Officers

President: Carla Munroe Moynihan, (’95)
President-Elect: Andrew P. Strehle, (’94)
Vice Presidents: Leiha Macauley, (’01); Denzil D. McKenzie, (’76); Kathryn A. Piffat, (’89); Christopher D. Strang, (’05)
Treasurer: Matthew J. Andrus, (’04)
Recording Secretary: Francis C. Morrissey, (’94)
Corresponding Secretary: Rebecca A. Galeota, (’99)
Parliamentarian: Jamie M. Charles, (’09)

Alumni Association Executive Committee Members (2012-2013)

Matthew Andrus, (’04)
Morton Aronson, (’59)
Peter Bennett, (’85)*
Timothy Charles Blank, (’86)
Leslie Bloomenthal, (’65)*
David Breen, (’90)
Robert Brennan, (’90)
Douglas Brown, (’88)
Ryan Chapoteau, (’11)
Jamie Charles, (’09)
Allyson Cohen, (’90)
Bernard Cohen, (’48)*
Gerard Cohen, (’62)*
Earle Cooley, (’57)* +
Howard Cooper, (’84)
D. Jesse Costa, (’54)* +
Euripides Dalmanieras, (’01)
Derek Davis, (’89)
Martin Desmery, (’87)*
Thomas Dolan, (’92)
Gary Domoracki, (’89)
Brian Eng, (’05)
James N. Esdaile, (’70)* +
Joseph Faber, (’91)
Thomas Farrell, (’91)*
John Finn, (’80)*
Warren Fitzgerald, (’79)
Michael Fondo, (’90)
James Fox, (’86)*
Ana Francisco, (’93)
Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay, (’76)*
Rebecca Galeota, (’99)
Victor Garo, (’65)*
Celina Gerbic, (’91)
Robert Glovsky, (’76)*
Ernest Haddad, (’64)*
H. Peter Haveles, (’80)*
Eileen Herlihy, (’82)*
George Herlihy, (’47)*
Kay Hideko Hodge, (’77)
Robert Holmes, (’70)*
Adam Janoff, (’97)
Lawrence Kaplan, (’68)*
Richard Karelitz, (’74)*
Christopher Kenney, (’90)*
Sarah Kitchell, (’10) ex officio
Lillian Levine, (’46)*
Melvin Levine, (’47)*
Reuben Landau, (’26)* +
William Landau, (’59)* +
Andrew Ley, (’75)
Leiha Macauley, (’01)
William Macauley, (’69)*
Maureen MacFarlane, (’89)
Lisa Martin Nagler, (’01)
Karen Mathiasen, (’81)*
Edward McCarthy, (’62)
Denzil McKenzie, (’76)
George Michaels, (’48)* +
Jack Middleton, (’56)*
Richard Mikels, (’72)*
Frances Miller, (’65)
Francis Morrissey, (’90)
Carla Munroe Moynihan, (’95)
James Moynihan, (’95)
Christian Na, (’97)
Earl Nemser, (’70)*
James Normand, (’80)
Andrea Nuciforo, (’89)
Charles Parrott, (’64)*
Kathryn Piffat, (’89)
Roger Putnam, (’51)*
Dan Rea, (’74)
John Robinson, (’64)*
Trevor Rozier-Byrd, (’10)
Eugene Rubin, (’61)*
Kim Rubin, (’88)*
Kenneth Rubinstein, (’98)
William Ryan, (’98)
Sarah Sherman, (’89)
Russell Stein, (’04)
Christopher Strang, (’05)
Andrew Strehle, (’94)
Andrew Sucoff, (’89)
Neil Sugarman, (’65)*
Paul Sugarman, (’54)*
Annabelle Terzian, (’51)*
William Tyler, (’51)*
Kier Wachterhauser, (’11) ex officio
Gina Walcott, (’93)
Oscar Wasserman, (’59)*
Barry Weiner, (’66)*
David Yas, (’93)

+ Deceased
* Lifetime Member

Regional Alumni Chapters

Boston Young Alumni Council:

President – Cristina Serrano, (’10)
Leadership Committee: Jonathon Anderman, (’08); Michel Bimani, (’11); Rachel Irving, (’08)

New York Young Alumni Council:

President – Matthew Hyner, (’10)
Leadership Committee: Ryan Chapoteau, (’11), John Godfrey, (’12); Adrian Guzman, (’11); Brendan Malone, (’09), Kristen Smith (’07); Shane St. Hill (’10)

Atlanta Alumni Chapter:

Social Committee Co-Chairs – Marcy Bass, (’80) and Scott Fisher, (’79)
Committee Members: Mort Aronson, (’59), Ana Cavazos-Wright, (’08), Mary Davis, (’09), Robert Dixon, (’98), Christee Laster, (’06), Rick Waitsman, (’76), Deborah Young, (’87)

Placement Committee Co-Chairs – Beth Gibbs, (’87) and Craig Friedman, (’04)
Committee Members: Mort Aronson, (’59), Gaylen Baxter, (’77), Aaron Chausmer, (’98), Linda Henry, (’00), Bill Joseph, (’84), Mari Myer, (’86), Craig Prusher, (’88), Yvonne Williams-Wass, (’09)

Washington, DC Alumni Chapter:

President- Jennifer Charles, (’09)
Vice-President- Shannon Shair, (’11)
Social Committee Chair- Kelsey Desloover, (’11)
Programming Committee Chair – Jack Ascher, (’88)
Student Mentoring Committee Co-Chairs – Joseph Cohen, (’04) and Dean Panayides, (’10)
Media/Marketing Committee Chair – Kevin Kozlowski, (’12)

2013 3L Class Gift Committee

Brian M. Balduzzi
Christina Borysthen-Tkacz
Gregoire Charlet
Kelly Childs
Jean-Philippe Joyal
Amy Luo
Cristina Ramirez

2012-2013 Reunion Committee Members

Ralph A. Barbagallo, Jr. (’67)
Joseph J. Brodigan (’67)
Matthew H. Feinberg (’67)
Arthur W. Hughes, III (’67)
Patrick J. King (’67)
Evan T. Lawson (’67)
C. Michael Malm (’67)
Catherine L. Salisbury (’67)
William J. Salisbury (’67)
Peter L. Zimmerman (’67)
Michael H. Hurwitz (’82)
Julianne Abelman (’87)
Andrew Agrawal (’87)
Jeffrey L. Alitz (’87)
Deborah E. Barnard (’87)
Seth W. Brewster (’87)
David A. Bunis (’87)
Margaret "Peggy" Daley (’87)
H. Peter Del Bianco (’87)
Joan Cullen Gootee (’87)
Merrick "Rick" L. Gross (’87)
Edward R. Harriman (’87)
Ronald J. Lewittes (’87)
Thomas J. Phillips (’87)
Michael I. Rothstein (’87)
Amy Deinstag Seifer (’87)
Walter G. Van Dorn (’87)
Susan F. DiCicco (’92)
Cynthia J. Warren (’92)
Christian S. Na (’97)
William M. Shields (’97)
Amanda (Brill) Shipley (’02)
Sara W. (Condon) Wells (’02)
Mark R. Curiel (’02)
Edward K. Duch (’02)
Rosanne E. Felicello (’02)
Meaghan Fitzpatrick (’02)
Laura J. Maechtlen (’02)
Matthew E. Miller (’02)
Ian Prior (’02)
Jeremy Turk (’02)
Angela Verrecchio (’02)
Cheryl Cappiello Edson (’07)
Christopher R. Freeman (’07)
Irvin J. Rakhlin (’07)
Christina Renee Rice (’07)
Kevin M. Saunders (’07)
Deitzah A. Woll (’07)
Ryan C. Chapoteau (’11)
Christopher A. Fanelli (’11)
Adrian M. Guzman (’11)
Taylor F. Jerri (’11)
Katerina S. Papacosma (’11)
Kier B. Wachterhauser (’11)

Law Firm Challenge Captains FY13

Jonathan L. Awner (’85)
Akerman Senterfitt LLP

Mark R. Curiel (’02)
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

Matthew S. Hyner (’10)
Brown Rudnick LLP

D.M. Moschos (’65)
Mirick, O’Connell, Demallie & Lougee, LLP

Katerina S. Papacosma (’11)
Bingham McCutchen LLP

Kathryn A. Piffat (’89)
Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP

Christopher D. Strang (’05)
Desmond, Strang & Scott, LLP

Aaron D. Withrow (’10)
Dechert LLP

A special note of recognition and appreciation goes out to alumni who have served as event hosts, members of host committees, and mentors to our 1L students. Additional thanks to the many alumni who informally contribute their valuable time, wisdom and energy in so many varied ways to help build and strengthen the BU Law community, both on and off campus.

Events FY12-13

See upcoming events near you!


August 2
BU Law Alumni Breakfast in conjunction with the ABA Annual Meeting
Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago, IL

August 6
BU Law Alumni Day at Fenway Park
Fenway Park, Boston, MA

August 9
Young Alumni Council Trivia Night
Julep Bar, Boston, MA

August 18
New York City Career Fair Reception
Barclay Bar & Grill, New York, NY

September 13
Dean’s Advisory Board Meeting
BU Law Tower, Boston, MA

September 21
Silver Shingle Awards Cocktail Reception
Four Seasons, Boston, MA

September 22
Reunion Luncheon
Mandarin Oriental, Boston, MA

September 22
BU Law Campaign Kick-Off Reception
Ring Lounge, Boston, MA

October 10
Social Entrepreneurship Series: Lawyers and their Participation in the Entrepreneurial Process
Barristers Hall, Boston, MA

October 18
Quarterly Alumni Association Executive Committee Meeting
Barristers Hall, Boston, MA

October 24
Social Entrepreneurship Series: Basic Structure and Financing: Internal Operations
Barristers Hall, Boston, MA

November 7
1L Mentor Program Kick-Off Reception and Networking 101
Barristers Hall, Boston, MA

November 14
Social Entrepreneurship Series: The Entrepreneur
Barristers Hall, Boston, MA

December 5
BU Law Chicago –Area Alumni Reception
Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, Chicago, IL

December 11
Young Alumni Council Holiday Party
Petit Robert Central, Boston, MA


January 9
New York Young Alumni Winter Happy Hour
Opal Bar & Restaurant, New York, NY

January 17
Quarterly Alumni Association Executive Committee Meeting
Barrister’s Hall, Boston, MA

January 31
Miami Alumni Dean’s Reception
Akerman Senterfitt, LLP, Miami, FL

February 21
Boston Young Alumni Winter Happy Hour
Clarke’s at Fanueil Hall, Boston, MA

February 26
Alumni Panel & Reception: “How to Survive & Thrive as a New Lawyer”
Brown Rudnick, LLP, Boston, MA

February 27
Kleh Lecture Featuring Andrew C. Hall
Andrew Hall, Boston, MA

February 28
Alumni & Admitted Student Reception
WilmerHale, LLP, New York, NY

March 13
New York Young Alumni Happy Hour
Park Avenue Tavern, New York, NY

March 13
BU Law Atlanta Alumni Luncheon
Ravinia Club, Atlanta, GA

March 28
Quarterly Alumni Association Executive Committee Meeting
George Sherman Union, Boston, MA

April 4
Alumni & Admitted Student Reception
Goodwin Procter, Boston, MA

April 10
DC Public Service Awards Reception
Covington & Burling LLP, Washington, DC

April 18
BU Law San Francisco Alumni Network Introductory Meeting
Schroeder’s, San Francisco, CA

April 20
New York Global Day of Service Event
New Vision Garden, Brooklyn, NY

May 9
New York Young Alumni Happy Hour
SideBAR, New York, NY

May 23
Boston Young Alumni Happy Hour
The Vault, Boston, MA

June 1
Boston Global Day of Service Event
Cradles to Crayons, Brighton, MA

June 6
DC Young Alumni Happy Hour
Social Reform, Washington, DC

June 12
BU Law Atlanta Alumni Luncheon
Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, Atlanta, GA

June 13
New York Networking Breakfast and Panel Discussion: Demystifying the Board Service
Resources Global Professionals, New York, NY

June 18
BU Law Los Angeles Alumni Network Introductory Meeting
The Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles, CA

June 19
BU Law Alumni Reception with Professor Tracey Maclin
Day Pitney, Hartford, CT

June 20
San Francisco Alumni Happy Hour
The House of Shields, San Francisco, CA

June 26
Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association Executive Committee
The BU Castle, Boston, MA