Gifts in honor of Fran Miller

Professor Fran Miller ('65)

The majority of alumni who have passed through BU Law's doors within the past 40 years have benefited from the devotion to health law and enthusiasm for teaching belonging to one Frances Miller ('65). The relationships Fran has formed with students and alumni, as well as the countless contributions she has made to BU Law, the School of Management and the School of Public Health, have earned her the community's highest gratitude and recognition.

In December 2009, Fran Miller retired from Boston University, leaving the legacy of her passion and expertise, but also creating a new opportunity for the law school. In honor of all that Fran has given to the University and the community, BU Law has launched a fundraising effort to celebrate her legacy of teaching and scholarship.

After receiving her law degree here in 1965, Fran renewed her relationship with BU Law as a lecturer in 1968, and she later became a professor of law in 1981. Over the years she has taught popular courses in trusts and estates, health law, family law, and food and drug law. Her exemplary classroom demeanor earned her the 1989 Metcalf Cup and Prize, the University's top award for teaching excellence.

Miller teaching a 1960's BU Law class

Alumni and fond friends of Fran, attorneys Alan E. Reider ('75) and Linda Dallas Reider ('75) recall that, "First and foremost, she was an exceptional teacher. But what made her remarkable was her ability to balance her role as professor and friend without compromising the respect that we had for her as a professor and the trust we had in her as a friend."

An adored professor and friend to many, Fran is a top-notch scholar as well. Her extensive research into the realm of national and international health care has rendered her a top expert on American health care law and policy and a preeminent specialist on comparative health systems. Fran has been awarded two Fulbright Scholarships and a Kellogg Foundation National Fellowship, and at the law school, she is a N. Neal Pike Scholar. She is a prominent scholar in trust and estates, having contributed to the PBS programs This is My Will and Fiscal Fitness. Over the years she has served as a consultant to the White House Task Force on Health Care Reform, trustee of the Joslin Diabetes Center and Mount Holyoke College and counsel to the Boston law firm Nutter, McClennen & Fish.

To help recognize Fran's extraordinary contributions to the law school, to its students and to the profession, you can make a donation to the BU Law Fund in her honor. For more information, please contact Cristine More in the Esdaile Alumni Center at 617.353.3118 or at Or to give today, please make a donation and indicate at the bottom of the form that the gift is “in honor of Fran Miller."