Visiting Exchange Students pay tuition directly to their home institutions. Pursuant to visa requirements, they must submit to BU Law financial documentation that demonstrates the availability of funds to cover living expenses for the duration of study.

Estimated Living Expenses

The cost of living in Boston is very expensive. Students can expect to pay an average of $1,610/month for a studio apartment and higher for a one-bedroom apartment. Shared apartments can often be found for lesser costs, but students should plan on spending at least $1,610/month in rent, with an additional $100–$200/month in utilities. Estimated living expenses for a single law student living off-campus for the nine-month 2016–2017 academic year are as follows:

Full-Year Exchange Students Single Semester Exchange Students
University Fees $710 University Fees $710
Medical Insurance* $1,945 or $2,713* Medical Insurance* Fall—$973 or $1357*; Spring—TBD
Living Expenses** Living Expenses**
Rent and Food $14,870 Rent and Food $7435
Books and Supplies $1,251 Books and Supplies $626
Personal (clothing, etc.) $4,170 Personal (clothing, etc.) $2,085
Total $22,946 Total Fall—$11,829

The figures above are estimates and subject to change. The University will not release the actual tuition and fee increases until April 2016.

Proof of Financial Support

To obtain a visa, an entering international student must prove to the satisfaction of Boston University, the American Consul, and the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) that s/he has sufficient funds for at least his/her period of study. For purposes of obtaining a visa, exchange applicants for enrollment in 2016–2017 are required to submit financial documentation indicating the availability of funds in an amount of at least $23,000 for a full-year of study, $12,000 for a single semester of study in the fall, or $12,000 for a single semester of study in the spring.

Law students are automatically enrolled in the Boston University Medical Insurance Plan and their student accounts are charged for the coverage ($1,945 in academic year 2016–2017).

Massachusetts law requires full-time and three-quarters time students registered through institutions of higher education to have health insurance that meets state requirements.

In addition, Boston University policy requires all international students to have health insurance that meets state and (when applicable) federal requirements. Students who do not wish to participate in the University insurance plan must complete a comparable medical insurance coverage checklist and then submit a waiver request certifying that their US-based coverage is comparable to the Boston University Medical Insurance Plan. Waivers must be submitted through the Student Link. For more information about available forms, coverage, costs, and waiver, please visit the Student Accounting Services website.

Additionally, students who will only be attending Boston University for one semester may apply for Fall-only insurance coverage. In order to apply, please fill out an Insurance Premium Adjustment Request and return to Student Accounting Services no later than December 31, 2016.

* The basic medical insurance plan, the Student Complete Plan, costs $1,945 and is automatically charged to your student account unless waived, or if you choose the Student Plus Plan ($2,713) which is a more comprehensive plan that offers additional coverage.

** Estimates based on current student costs. Actual costs may vary depending on the individual student’s situation.