Visiting Exchange Students Interested in a BU Law LLM Program

Former visiting exchange students who subsequently apply—and receive admission—to a BU Law LLM program will be allowed to apply towards the BU Law LLM degree a maximum of 18 credits they received as exchange students. Thereby, exchange students who are accepted and enroll in the LLM program would receive “advanced standing” as LLM students and be in a position to receive the BU Law LLM degree with only one additional semester of study.

Former exchange students wishing to pursue an LLM degree at BU Law would need to apply to BU Law in the normal course, like all applicants, after receiving their home country’s equivalent of a “first degree in law.” They would also be required to return to BU Law within five years of the end of their exchange semesters.

Former exchange students who are accepted into a BU Law LLM program with “advanced standing” would be required to complete all the degree requirements of the LLM program they attend.

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