Each fall we welcome students who have transferred to BU Law after successfully completing one year at an ABA-accredited law school. When making admissions decisions, we place strong emphasis on first-year GPA and class rank. Our transfer applicants are typically ranked in the top 15-20% of their first-year class.

If you’re interested in transferring to BU Law in the fall, you must complete your file with all supporting documentation by August 1. Boston University School of Law begins accepting applications for transfer on February 1 for the upcoming fall. Transfer applicants interested in participating in our on-campus interview process and/or journal write-on competition should complete their applications by July 1. Each year some transfer applicants may be accepted through the Transfer Early Action program. These decisions will be based on only the first semester of 1L grades. You will be asked on your application whether or not you wish to be reviewed with only one semester of grades. Please note that students in the LLM in American Law program wishing to transfer to the JD program must complete their entire year before applying for transfer admission. In exceptional circumstances, an LLM applicant may have his or her file reviewed based only on fall semester grades. Students seeking this exception should first directly consult with Assistant Dean John Riccardi in the Office of Graduate and International Programs, gradint@bu.edu

If you are admitted via the Transfer Early Action program you will be expected to confirm your intent to enroll with a $1,000 deposit within two weeks of your admission. It is expected that students admitted based on only one semester of grades will perform at a level consistent with their first semester during their second semester.

Applicants who complete their applications early but are not admitted based on only their first semester of grades will be reviewed again once their second semester grades are received. The Admissions Committee will review complete applications on a rolling basis. Every effort will be made to provide applicants with decisions as quickly as possible.

BU Law grants a maximum of 31 transfer credits, the equivalent of our first-year curriculum. Part-time students are eligible to apply to transfer to BU Law, however, to apply as a transfer student, you should have completed the equivalent of our first-year curriculum.

Prior Applicants Interested in Transferring to BU Law:

If you applied to BU Law last year and are currently enrolled at another law school, but still want to be part of our BU Law community, we encourage you to take advantage of our Streamlined Transfer Application process. Due to your previous interest in BU Law, you can bypass the full transfer application and simply fill out a form (available fall 2016) to streamline your transfer application. We will then reactivate your previous application, waive the application fee, and send you a brief checklist of required materials you must submit to update your application. These required materials include: your first-year law school transcripts; your first-year class rank; and a letter of good standing from your current law school dean.

You may apply through our Streamlined Transfer Application process and take advantage of our Transfer Early Action program (providing only the first semester of 1L grades during the spring semester).

Applying to BU Law

The Transfer application for Fall 2016 entry will become available on February 1, 2016. All transfer applications must be submitted through LSAC.org.

A transfer application consists of the following:

1. Electronic Application

Boston University School of Law will begin accepting applications for transfer on February 1, 2016. No application will be processed unless the electronic application is submitted through LSAC.org.

Inaccuracy in any statement may result in revocation of an offer of admission, dismissal from the School of Law, cancellation of courses, denial of certificates of attendance, or revocation of any degrees that may have been granted. Applications must be completed by August 1. Applications are considered for admission as they are completed, so students are encouraged to complete their files in advance of the August deadline.

2. $85 Application Fee

When submitting your application, please pay by credit card or check or money order for $85 made payable to Boston University. The application fee is nonrefundable and is not credited toward any charges when you register as a student.

3. First-Year Law School Transcript

You must have an official transcript sent to BU Law directly from your law school. Each year a small number of transfer applicants may be accepted through the Transfer Early Action program. These decisions will be based on only the first semester of 1L grades. Applicants should have their second semester grades sent as soon as they are available. Any applicants who are not admitted under the Transfer Early Action program will be reviewed again once their second semester grades are received.

4. First-Year Law School Class Rank

We must receive your class rank in writing from your law school, or written notification that your law school does not provide class rank.

5. Letter of Good Standing from Law School Dean

Your law school must send us a letter indicating that you are in good standing.

6. Original LSAC Law School Report

Please have LSAC send your original law school report to us. This report should include your LSAT score(s) and final transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate schools attended. Your Credential Assembly Service (CAS) registration is valid for five years so you will have to pay only a report fee to send your LSAT score(s) and transcripts from CAS to BU Law.

7. Personal Statement

A carefully worded and detailed personal statement is an important part of your application. This statement should also address why you want to transfer to BU Law.

8. Two Letters of Recommendation

We require two letters of recommendation. At least one of your recommendations must be from a professor who taught you during your first year of law school. The Admissions Committee values letters from individuals who are able to provide a thoughtful, thorough, and candid assessment of a transfer applicant’s academic ability and potential for law study. BU Law requires that at least two letters of recommendation be sent through the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service that is part of CAS. CAS will copy your letters and send them to us with the LSAC Law School Report. BU Law will accept up to four letters of recommendation through the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service. To use this service, follow the directions as outlined at LSAC.org. Be sure to give each recommender a Letter of Recommendation Form printed out from LSAC.org.

Federal legislation gives you right of access to letters of recommendation. You may waive this right (as provided on the form). Your waiver is not required as a condition for admission or for financial aid.

9. Resume

Submitting a resume detailing your educational and professional background is required.

Financial Aid

Transfer students applying for financial aid should follow the instructions for entering students, although we do not expect transfer applicants to comply with the same deadline as entering students.

You should complete your application for admission and financial aid simultaneously. Because the transfer admissions process takes place at the end of the financial aid awarding period, we regret that we may not be able to offer scholarship aid to transfer students who qualify.