Transfer credit for foreign-trained applicants who completed a BU School of Law LLM program

Students enrolled in the BU Law LLM programs in American Law, Graduate Tax, and Banking and Financial Law may apply to the JD program as transfer students during the spring semester of their LLM year and—if they are admitted—may receive up to 28 credits for their LLM studies towards the JD degree, consistent with American Bar Association standards. This means they may be able to complete the JD program with two additional years of study.

Transfer students who matriculate into the JD program need to complete all the requirements of the JD program. Transfer applicants need to take the LSAT and will be judged in comparison to all other JD transfer candidates. Candidates should not expect preferential treatment by the JD Admissions Committee simply by virtue of attending the LLM program at BU Law. Admission is not guaranteed. For fall semester transfer candidates, completed application forms, fees, and supporting documents are due to the JD Admissions Office by August 1. LLM students may take the LSAT as late as June for fall enrollment. January Banking and Financial Law and Graduate Tax Program graduates are not eligible to begin the JD program in the spring term immediately following their final fall semester of studies.

Advanced standing credit for foreign-trained lawyers

Subject to American Bar Association regulations, BU Law may admit graduates of foreign law schools and allow credit for studies at foreign law schools. Foreign law graduates apply for admission following the same procedures as other first time foreign-educated applicants; application instructions can be found here. Foreign law graduates who have been admitted to BU Law may petition the Academic Standards Committee to determine whether, based on the courses taken at a foreign law school, they might be exempt from certain first-year courses. Petitions must be submitted before the beginning of first-year classes. After their first year at BU Law, foreign law graduates may petition the Academic Standards Committee for credit toward their upperclass credit requirements for courses taken at a foreign law school. The maximum credits that may be granted for first-year and/or upperclass courses may not exceed one-third of the total required for the BU Law JD degree.