Q&A with Kate Lebeaux

Why did you choose BU Law?

I chose BU for a lot of different reasons. I was excited by all of the different programs and opportunities that the school offers, specifically in immigration law but also more generally in all areas of law. Also, while I working as a paralegal, I worked closely with two BU alumni who confirmed my thoughts and spoke very highly of the school and professors. I also knew that the connections and career development resources that BU offers will be a big help once I start looking for a job.

Who was the first person you told that you were accepted and why?

The first people I told were my parents because they were wonderful and really supportive throughout my whole application process. And, since they live in central Massachusetts, I knew they’d be thrilled to hear I’d be staying close by!

Have your interests changed or been impacted in any way since beginning law school?

I still hope to work in immigration law, but I am also realizing more and more how many different kinds of opportunities are available to lawyers. I plan to explore different fields to see if there are any other areas of law I’d also like to pursue.

Looking forward over your three years here at BU Law, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to getting some hands-on experience and time working with clients by participating in a clinic and/or service trip.

Based on your experiences, what do you think an immigrant needs most from his or her attorney?

Because immigrant clients may have a very limited understanding of U.S. bureaucratic processes, I think that it’s extremely important that immigration attorneys explain the process and strategy of a case to the client. Immigration cases are often have very profound personal effects on clients, so I think it is crucial that they are well-informed about the case.

What advice would you give to a BU Law applicant?

I’d recommend that future applicants take some time searching around BU’s Web site. There are so many opportunities here that I think everyone will find something to get excited about!