BU Law Scholarships For JD Students

BU Law provides generous scholarship funding for JD students that includes merit- and need-based scholarships. To maximize your opportunity to receive scholarship funding, you are encouraged to apply for scholarship aid—even if you have not yet received an admissions decision.

JD students who are awarded scholarships as entering students will receive those same scholarships for each of their three years. Scholarship renewal is not dependent upon a student maintaining a particular cumulative GPA, but does require that a student comply with the academic policies and regulations of the School of Law. This allows students to plan their finances with certainty. We do not reserve funds to make new awards to students in their second or third years.

Students accepted through BU Law’s Distinguished Scholar Binding Early Decision program will receive this full tuition scholarship. An additional application is not required. An applicant for the early decision program who is not admitted as part of the early decision program, but is admitted later in the admissions cycle, will be considered for the same scholarship aid as other admitted students.

Applicants admitted through the BU-Bound Binding Decision Program will not be considered for merit scholarships. Applicants for whom financial aid is necessary for enrolling should not apply through the BU-Bound Binding Decision Program but rather through the regular decision program. BU-Bound applicants may qualify for a need based scholarship, but those decisions will not be made until after the deposit deadline for the BU-Bound program.

The Dean’s Scholar Program honors a small number of admitted students who have demonstrated extraordinary academic achievements with a significant scholarship award and designation as a Dean’s Scholar. An additional application is not required.

Our Merit Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s admissions file and do not require a separate application. The decision to award a merit scholarship may be made at the time of admission or at any time after a student has been admitted. Students who submit the required financial aid application materials may receive both a Merit Scholarship and a need-based Alumni Scholarship, if they qualify.

The Public Interest Scholarship program provides a full tuition scholarship for all three years to a number of our students who have demonstrated their desire to pursue a career in public interest law. The definition of public interest law is broad and includes both domestic and international work; direct service, impact litigation, and policy work; and government and non-profit work. The application deadline for Fall 2018 is January 15.

BU Law Alumni Scholarships are awarded to students based on financial need. Additional application materials are required. Applicants who meet the March 1 deadline will receive priority in the awarding of these need-based scholarships.

Merit and need based scholarships are available to international JD candidates who demonstrate both outstanding scholastic achievements and significant financial need. To apply for need based scholarship aid, international students should follow the instructions for International Scholarships.

For LLM Students

LLM student scholarships are awarded by the individual programs. For additional information on the availability of scholarship aid, please contact your LLM program office directly.

Each year Boston University School of Law acknowledges a small number of LLM applicants who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement through the LLM Scholars Program. Acknowledgement includes a generous scholarship award and designation as an LLM Scholar. All applicants for admission are automatically considered for this merit scholarship; no separate application is required.

In 2002, a scholarship fund was established in honor of Frederic G. Corneel, a distinguished lawyer from the firm of Sullivan & Worcester, who had been an instructor in the Graduate Tax Program for over 20 years. Mr. Corneel was widely respected as a superb scholar, teacher, practitioner, and as a leader in the field of legal ethics. The income from this fund provides partial scholarship awards, based on merit and financial need, to one or more full-time students enrolled in the Graduate Tax Program.

Part-time LLM students may be considered for scholarship aid from BU Law; however, many other financial aid resources, such as federal loans, are only available to students who are enrolled at least half-time (6 credits or more). Students who will be enrolled less than half-time (one or two courses) have a few private loan options. Please contact the Law Financial Aid office if you need help finding these lenders.

Scholarship Renewal Policy

Scholarships that are awarded to JD students during the admissions process are renewed for a student’s second and third years at BU Law for the same amount. Scholarship renewal is not dependent upon a student maintaining a particular cumulative GPA, but does require that a student comply with the academic policies and regulations of the School of Law.

Changes to Student Information

Any student receiving financial aid is responsible for promptly informing the Law Financial Aid office of any:

  • Outside agency awards he or she may receive;
  • Changes in name or address;
  • Changes in enrollment, registration, or degree status.

Students must also provide any additional supporting documentation requested by the Law Financial Aid office.

Transfer Students

Transfer students applying for financial aid should follow the instructions for entering students, although we do not expect transfer applicants to comply with the same deadline as entering students.

Transfer applicants should complete their applications for admission and financial aid simultaneously. Because the transfer admissions process takes place at the end of the financial aid awarding period, we regret that we may not be able to offer scholarship aid to transfer students.