BU Law has a strong tradition of commitment to public service. We recognize that many law graduates have difficulties pursuing public interest careers because salaries are insufficient to enable them to pay loans in addition to covering their living expenses.

Since 1993, BU Law has provided financial support to our alumni in order to relieve some of the burden of making monthly payments.

Under the terms of the current program, graduates are eligible to apply for assistance for up to ten years after graduation. Applications are submitted to the Law Financial Aid Office and reviewed by the Loan Repayment Assistance Program Committee, who consider several criteria, including current salary, total educational debt, year of graduation, spousal income and educational loans (if any), dependent responsibility, the monthly payment in relation to monthly income and any special circumstances affecting the applicant’s ability to repay outstanding debt.

The Committee also considers the nature of the public service activity, the organization’s history, and its viability when deciding how to allocate the funds available.

Would you like to apply?

  • Read through the policies in our Program Description
  • Submit your application by mail or email by December 1
  • Don’t forget to re-apply each year—awards are not automatically renewed

Program Highlights

  • BU Law has been providing financial support to alumni working in public interest law for 25 years
  • BU Law LRAP is available to JD graduates employed in law-related positions in government, except for temporary judicial clerkships and non-profit organizations providing legal services
  • Applicants can apply for up to ten years after graduation, and may enter or leave program at their discretion
  • BU Law LRAP awards may be applied to most educational loan debt, including federal, private, bar study, and Federal Consolidation Loans
  • Recipients are able to receive up to a maximum of $10,000 per year, and an aggregate maximum of $60,000 over ten years (applicants who were recipients of a BU Law post-graduate fellowship, such as the Public Service Fellowship, will have the amount of the fellowship included in the $60,000 aggregate total.)
  • Program does not require applicants to participate in a specific repayment option (although awards may be based on the IBR or PAYE calculated payment)
  • For the past three years, 94% of applicants received awards that ranged from $1,000–$10,000 per year