The Concentration in International Taxation provides not only an attractive opportunity for students to complete a concentration in this highly-relevant and specialized area of law. All tax classes will be offered entirely online, with no residency component, and are offered jointly by the Executive LLM Program and the online Graduate Tax Program.

In order to complete the concentration, students must complete 10 or more credits in the online Graduate Tax Program consisting of:

*Tax Aspects of International Business is a required course for Executive LLM students wishing to complete the Concentration in International Taxation.

**Note: Federal Income Tax I & II are prerequisite or co-requisite for Corporate Tax and International Tax. Requirements and prerequisites can be waived based on prior coursework.

Students enrolled in the Executive LLM may enroll in any online Graduate Tax courses, subject to all requirements, prerequisites and co-requisites. However, only Federal Tax (if taken as a necessary prerequisite or co-requisite, as per the above), Corporate Tax, International Tax, and Transfer Pricing will be counted towards Executive LLM degree requirements.

For more information on the online Graduate Tax Program, please visit the online Graduate Tax Program web site.