Offered in conjunction with Vermont Law School, the nation’s top law school for environmental law studies, the Concentration in International Environmental and Energy Law (IEEL) provides an opportunity to complete a concentration in this growing and important area of specialized legal practice.

This Concentration is offered entirely online, with no residential components, in a 7 week long intensive format. These courses therefore allow for an additional element of scheduling flexibility in addition to providing immersion in this highly-relevant international field. Students may also enroll in these courses individually, subject to all prerequisites and other requirements, as all these courses will count towards the Executive LLM degree. As these are highly intensive and time-intensive courses, it is expected that students will take only one course from this basket at a time. These courses are offered at multiple times during the year.

In order to complete the IEEL Concentration, students must complete 12 or more credits from this basket:

Environmental Law*. LAW XB 970. 3 credits. Format: all-online.

Administrative Law. LAW XB 971. 3 credits. Format: all-online.

Energy Law & Policy in a Carbon-Constrained World. LAW XB 972. 3 credits. Format: all-online. 

Energy Regulation, Markets & the Environment. LAW XB 973. 3 credits. Format: all-online.

Renewable Energy and Other Alternative Fuels. LAW XB 974. 3 credits. Format: all-online.

Oil and Gas Development & the Environment. LAW XB 975. 3 credits. Format: all-online.

Environmental Dispute Resolution. LAW XB 976. 3 credits. Format: all-online.

For course descriptions, please see the VLS Class Listings.

*Environmental Law is a required course for Executive LLM student wishing to complete the Concentration in International Environmental and Energy Law, and is a pre-requisite for all courses other than Administrative Law and Environmental Dispute Resolution — although it is strongly recommended that Environmental Law be taken as the first course in any sequence.