BU Law offers a number of preparatory programs during the summer semester to students enrolled in its LLM programs, or seeking to further their fluency in American law.

Financial Services Fundamentals

Financial Services Fundamentals is a course offered to provide necessary financial services information to students entering the Graduate Banking and Financial Law Program without employment experience in the financial services sector or a strong academic background in financial law. It is an optional course for any BU LLM student. This course will provide the basic information on eight financially related subjects, information the faculty in the Banking Law Program expects students entering to understand prior to entering the Program. The course will have the added benefits of introducing incoming international students to lectures, discussions and readings on financial topics in English.

Legal English for LLM Students

Offered by the Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP), the program helps bridge the gap between prior training and the upcoming US law school experience. 

Transactional Skills for U.S. Business Law

Transactional Skills for U.S. Business Law is a 3-week professional development program designed to improve a wide range of business-related lawyering skills for international law students and lawyers.