Degree requirements

To complete the LLM degree, students must take six courses (for 18 credits total) plus two Colloquia (for 2 credits), for a total of 20 credits.

Required courses

US Contract Law for the International Lawyer, 3 credits, format: blended-online.

US Corporate Law for the International Lawyer, 3 credits, format: blended-online.

 International Business Transactions and Agreements, 3 credits, formats: blended-online and all-online.

*Contracts and Corporations may be waived if certain criteria are met. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Residency Requirement

Students are required to complete 14 credits via residency sessions, i.e. through 4 blended-online courses + the 2 colloquia. In certain circumstances, the Director may allow a student to complete 3 blended-online courses + the 2 colloquia, and complete the remaining necessary credits via all-online coursework. Such a grant by the Director is will be made in the discretion of the Director after an appropriate petition by the student.

Students may take up to two courses and one Colloquium (7 credits) or a little as one course and one Colloquium (4 credits) per residency session. On average, most LLM students enroll in the maximum. If a student chooses to take less than two courses per session, the student must attend more than three residential periods to complete the degree requirements. All students are welcome to take more than the required 20 credits.

Residency Options

Residency sessions are held in Boston in the Spring (mid-March) and in Boston (August) and Budapest (June) in the Summer. Typically two or three courses will be offered in a single residency session (though you may take a maximum of two blended-online courses per residency, in addition to all-online courses). A rotation of all-online courses are currently offered in each semester: fall, spring, and summer.