This seminar of three half-days sessions is a primer on the the United States financial services industry—its products, participants, and role in the economy. The seminar discusses financial services through its main component industries: banking, securities, and insurance. Basic concepts in corporate law, accounting, and finance are also covered.

The following topics are addressed in one-hour sessions presented by the faculty of the Graduate Program in Banking and Financial Law. In each session, the new students of the Program and practitioners from the Boston area receive an introduction to the financial service area, an overview of industry structure, lines of business, and a summary of what a new student should know to begin study of the area:

  1. Introduction to the US Financial System
  2. The Financial Crisis and the US Federal Reserve
  3. Commercial Lending
  4. Capital Market Regulation
  5. The Insurance Industry
  6. Investment Vehicles
  7. Securitization
  8. Bankruptcy
  9. Financial Institution Compliance
  10. Bitcoin, Alternative Payment Systems, Shadow Banking