Journals featuring research by BU Law scholars

Some recent examples of published faculty/student papers include:

Administrative Law Review

“Making Law Out of Nothing At All: The Origins of the Chevron Doctrine”
Professor Gary Lawson and Stephen Kam (’12)

Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law

“Punishment without Conviction: Controlling the Use of Unconvicted Conduct in Federal Sentencing”
Professor Gerald Leonard and Christine Dieter (’12)

Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law

“Agents Without Principals: Regulating the Duty of Loyalty for Nonprofit Corporations Through the Intermediate Sanctions Tax Regulations”
Professor Kevin Outterson and Carly B. Eisenberg (’10)

Michigan Law Review

“Framing the Fourth”
Professor Tracey Maclin and Julia Mirabella (’12)

Middle East Law and Governance

“Protecting Syrian Refugees: Laws, Policies, and Global Responsibility Sharing”
Professor Susan Akram, Danielle Hites (’15), Yoanna Kuzmova (’14), Aaron Long (’15), and Elena Noureddine (’14)

Mississippi Law Review

“No More Chipping Away: The Roberts Court Uses an Axe to Take Out the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule”
Professor Tracey Maclin and Jennifer Rader (’13)

Montana Law Review

“Will Uncooperative Federalism Survive NFIB?”
Professor Abigail Moncrieff and Jonathan Dinerstein (’16)


“The Private and Social Costs of Patent Trolls”
Professor Michael Meurer, Professor James Bessen, and Jennifer Ford (’11)

Review of Banking & Financial Law

“The Federal Home Loan Bank System: A Vehicle for Job Creation and Job Retention”
Professor Cornelius Hurley and Rebecca Hicks Gallup (’10)

Santa Clara Law Review

“Deductions for Drug Ads? The Constitution Does Not Require Congress to Subsidize Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertisements”
Professor Kevin Outterson and Shoshana Speiser (’11)