Focus your studies on a specific legal field.

By fulfilling course requirements of a concentration, you focus your studies on a specific legal field. All BU School of Law concentrations are exceptional programs with two—Health Law and Intellectual Property—consistently ranked in the nation’s top ten by U.S. News & World Report.

Health Law

Law affects health care in many critical areas, include health care coverage and access, patient privacy, public health policy, insurance fraud, and biotechnology research. The Health Law concentration prepares you to work in these areas, as you learn from some of the most respected scholars in the fields of law, public health, and management.

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Intellectual Property & Information Law

Much of the excitement of intellectual property law derives from its pivotal role in emerging technologies, where the legal issues are fascinating and complex, and the legal rules are continually evolving. In the Intellectual Property and Information Law concentration, you will learn the intricacies of patent, copyright, and trademark law under the guidance of BU Law’s internationally recognized IP faculty.

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International Law

To effectively represent clients in the international arena, you must understand the political, economic, business, and legal environments of foreign countries as well as those of the United States. In the International Law concentration, our faculty will bring their extensive legal experience in global settings into the classroom to deepen your knowledge of international law and how American law works in the global environment.

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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Attorneys must be able to manage their clients’ legal conflicts in pragmatic and cost-effective ways, whether it’s negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. The Litigation and Dispute Resolution concentration draws on the School’s well-known faculty strengths in civil litigation, criminal litigation, and alternative dispute resolution to help you learn how to represent clients in almost any form of a legal dispute.

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Risk Management & Compliance

Companies in many different fields need attorneys who can identify, analyze, and respond appropriately to legal risks that might adversely affect their organization. The Risk Management & Compliance concentration provides a strong foundation for students interested in this field and offers opportunities to specialize in financial services, corporate compliance, health law, or cyber law and security.

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Transactional Practice

Clients and firms large and small expect new legal hires to be able to understand the legal and business risks embedded in clients’ transactions, and to be able to craft the agreements necessary to effect such transactions. In the Transactional Practice concentration, you will gain essential practice skills, such as drafting, analyzing and negotiating business agreements, conducting due diligence, and organizing a closing, intended to give you an edge with potential employers as you seek to launch your legal career.

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