Work for human rights of clients around the world.

Work for global and regional human rights while representing non-governmental organizations and group clients from all parts of the world. Learn about treaties, policies, and other legal mechanisms for implementing and enforcing international human rights and humanitarian law.

This clinic can prepare you for career opportunities with organizations ranging from the United Nations to government agencies, and teach you how to:

  • Interview, counsel, and advocate for human rights organizations and human rights defenders, including learning to apply local and international ethical rules
  • Research, plan, and conduct fact-finding missions around the world
  • Plan, solve problems, and carry out an advocacy strategy on behalf of human rights organizations and issues
  • Conduct research and draft reports for submission to the UN Human Rights Council, UN treaty bodies, and the Inter-American Human Rights Commission and Court.

This clinic provides great experience for students interested in a public policy career with the federal government, an advocacy role with international courts or tribunals, or work with a domestic human rights agency such as the Center for Constitutional Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union, or the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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