Serve as prosecutor or defense counsel on real cases.

Carry full responsibility for the prosecution or defense of criminal cases in Municipal and Juvenile Boston or Quincy District Courts. In addition to your courtroom work, you will take courses in criminal trial practice, criminal justice, professional responsibility, and criminal trial advocacy. Under direct faculty supervision, you will:

  • Conduct investigations
  • Formulate trial strategy
  • File and argue pretrial motions
  • Participate in plea bargaining
  • Try cases
  • Make sentencing arguments
  • Draft appellate briefs

You may choose from three different programs below. Each program will provide you the opportunity to work on various cases which will present multiple complex legal issues. Some of the cases may provide the opportunity to have jury trials.

Prosecutor Program

Act as a prosecutor for the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office. You will have responsibility for all aspects of the cases you are assigned, under the supervision of the clinical professor.

Public Defender Program (Adult)

Act as defense counsel, under the supervision of a clinical professor, for indigent defendants charged with criminal offenses in the Boston Municipal Court. You’ll gain real-world experience in investigation, interviewing, counseling, and trial advocacy.

Public Defender Program (Juvenile)

Represent juvenile defendants charged with offenses in Boston Juvenile Court. Part of your work will include helping young clients understand the consequences of their behavior.