Work for credit for a legal organization in Boston.

Take advantage of Boston’s large and diverse legal community by working for credit at a legal organization in Boston. The possibilities are endless: public interest organizations, government agencies, judicial chambers of state or federal judges, and in-house legal departments in Boston. You may deal with legal issues that range from affordable housing to health law, from criminal prosecution to government regulation. Externship options are:

Affordable Housing Externship

Work at a public or non-profit housing and community development agency to learn how various laws, tools, and programs come together in the real world – project by project and case by case – to provide affordable housing and sustainable community development.

Government Lawyering Externship

Learn about being a government lawyer through placements in such offices as the US Attorney’s Office, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, and other federal and state agencies in Boston.

Health Law Externship

Immerse yourself in the legal issues facing health care providers, biotech firms, or health advocacy nonprofits in Boston.

Independent Proposal Externship

Receive credit for an externship pursued in conjunction with an independent study project.

Judicial Externship

Intern at a trial or appellate court in the Massachusetts or federal court system and explore issues related to the roles of the judge and the judicial intern.

Legal Externship

Work at a range of organizations in Boston, such as MPM Capital, BU’s General Counsel’s Office, and Accion International.