Prosecute criminal defendants in court.

The Program will not be offered in 2019

You will be assigned five or six cases to prosecute in the Quincy District Court under faculty supervision pursuant to Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:03. You will bear all the responsibilities of a full-time Assistant District Attorney, and will handle both felonies and misdemeanors such as drug distribution, property theft, operating under the influence, breaking and entering, and property damage crimes.

You will be responsible for every aspect of the preparation and presentation of your cases, and will devise legal strategies; interview police, civilian and expert witnesses; visit crime scenes; obtain discovery; perform extensive legal research; draft motions in limine, motions for discovery, and legal memoranda in opposition to defense motions; and engage in plea negotiations and handle sentencing proceedings. You may litigate evidentiary suppression hearings, and will be assigned to conduct every phase of a jury or bench trial. Students will collaborate with each other, but will serve as the lead prosecutor on each of their cases.

In addition to litigating their cases in court, students will receive classroom instruction on subjects such as prosecutorial ethics; case preparation; evidence; trial mechanics; 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment issues; and sentencing. Every case scheduled for trial or an evidentiary hearing will be practiced in full, giving students an opportunity to gain significant litigation experience regardless of whether their cases proceed as scheduled.

PREREQUISITE: The Clinic is open to rising 3Ls (or, if in a four-year program, rising 4Ls) from both BU Law and other law schools who are in good standing at ABA-accredited law schools, who have taken Evidence, Trial Advocacy, and at least one semester of Criminal Procedure.


TERM: Summer 2 (7 weeks)*

FACULTY: Brian Wilson

COSTS: See Tuition and Fees

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*Subject to change.