Application & Enrollment Process

For Contract Drafting or Negotiation, you will register on Student Link.

  • Select the Academics Tab and click on Registration
  • You will be asked for your BU Login Name and password.
  • Your current schedule will appear.
  • Scroll down and click on “Reg Options” which will appear under “Sum1 2017 – No Reg activity” or “Sum2 2017 – No Reg activity” depending on the course you wish to select.
  • When you click on a semester to add classes, you will be brought to a search page. You can search by school (and receive a complete listing of what is offered for the Law school) or by the specific course number.

For the Entrepreneurship & IP Clinic, Criminal Law: Prosecutor Clinic, Legislative Policy & Drafting Clinic, or Legal Externship, you must apply and be accepted. To apply, please send your resume and short statement of interest to Adrienne Smith at

Please complete the application form.