Application & Enrollment Process

For Contract Drafting or Negotiation, you will register on Student Link.

  • Select the Academics Tab and click on Registration
  • You will be asked for your BU Login Name and password.
  • Your current schedule will appear.
  • Scroll down and click on “Reg Options” which will appear under “Sum1 2017 – No Reg activity” or “Sum2 2017 – No Reg activity” depending on the course you wish to select.
  • When you click on a semester to add classes, you will be brought to a search page. You can search by school (and receive a complete listing of what is offered for the Law school) or by the specific course number.

For the Entrepreneurship & IP Clinic, Criminal Law: Prosecutor Clinic, Legislative Policy & Drafting Clinic, or Legal Externship, you must apply and be accepted for the clinic or externship prior to registering for the course.

Please complete the application form.