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Congratulations Josh Bruno fellow LASMA Alumni!

By Nadya Rojas QuirozSeptember 25th, 2016in Alumni News

Josh Bruno, LASMA 2016, has accepted a position with the humanitarian NGO Mercy Corps as Assistant Program Officer for the organization’s activities in Latin America, including Colombia, Guatemala, and Haiti, with expansion envisioned for El Salvador and Peru. While a student in the Latin American Studies M.A. program in the Pardee School for Global Studies at Boston University, Josh was named the first Margaret & Robert Pastor Graduate Assistant Fellow at the Carter Center’s Latin American Program.

Ecuador Earthquake by Karla Leon LASMA Alum

By Nadya Rojas QuirozApril 20th, 2016in Alumni News

At first, I thought it was my dog the one making the bed shake, but then it got stronger. We moved to the door, just like we were taught in school. I wanted it to stop, but the light bulb hanging from the ceiling kept moving faster and faster. Having grown-up in the Andes region, I’ve faced many tremors throughout my life. However, this has been by far the worst; it was a really long one too.

On Saturday, April 16th, at 18:58 Ecuador experienced a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. It is the strongest earthquake registered in the country since 1979. The epicenter was right off the Pacific coast, a couple of miles away from Quito. The capital did “ok,” however many of the small towns near the coast were devastated. The death toll keeps rising, and the number of disappeared people as well. Most of the region that got hit by the earthquake is very poor, and their living conditions have worsened.
In the midst of chaos, the enormous solidarity has been noticeable. I currently work at the Quito Mayor’s Office, which mobilized resources from the very first second. Yesterday and today have been a rollercoaster of emotions. It has been amazing to see so many people from my city come together to donate food, clothes, first-aid kits, blankets and more. Hundreds and hundreds kept showing up, not just with things to send to Portoviejo and Pedernales -the most affected towns- but also staying at the volunteer centers all over the capital to help sort out boxes and load trucks until really late at night.
The horror stories keep adding up. Many people have lost their homes and their loved ones. The conditions in the affected areas are precarious. Even though the whole country has gotten together to send some help, it has not been enough. Some Latin American countries have shown their support, such as Mexico sending the famous rescue team “Los Topos.”
Personally, I want to thank the BU community for the wonderful and warm supportive messages. It has been a horrible experience, but I can’t even imagine how it’s been for my fellow countrymen in the coastal areas. I am very proud of my country, especially for the awesome response we’ve had to send assistance ASAP. I am also conscious that the recovery will take not months, but probably a couple of years. I am positive we will come out stronger and continue with the hard work.
Many of you have asked how to help from abroad. Here’s a small list of relief organizations where you can donate. Thanks so much in advance!
2.- Ecuadorian Government
Bank of America NY
Bank of AmErica NY
ACCOUNT NAME: UNDP Rep. Of Ecuador Account
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3751560139
Bank ID: 111000012
Bank Type: ZBA bank

Alumni News

By Elizabeth AmrienJanuary 27th, 2014in Alumni News

LASPANA AGUILERA (CAS ’14) was an LASP and Global Health graduate student who travelled to Peru on an LASP Grant. The grant supported her during a four-month internship, from January to May 2014, with Grounds for Health, an NGO that works to create sustainable cervical cancer prevention and treatment programs for rural coffee-growing communities.

“Through this experience, I was able to conduct a qualitative analysis of the services they provide to women in the remote province of Jaen. Additionally, I will be using this experience to inform a policy analysis that examines the institutional barriers present in the Ministry of Health that prevent the region-wide implementation of Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) screenings and Cryotherapy treatments in low-resource settings.”

NavarDINA NAVAR (CAS ’08) was a Latin American Studies and Political Science double major who participated in both our Peru and the Argentina Study Abroad summer programs. She graduated cum laude from BU in 2008. She has recently completed three years of service in Costa Rica as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural community development and as a Peace Corps staff member responsible for training more recent volunteers in the community development field there. Dina is currently in the process of applying to law school with the goal of working in the area of public interest law issues concerning family and community.

Alex GrossmanALEX GROSSMAN (GRS ’13) received her MA in Latin American Studies in 2013 and is currently working as a program associate at the Climate Reality Project.

“I work with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, a part of the Climate Reality Project, which was founded by former Vice President Al Gore to educate people around the world about the climate crisis. Each year we hold two trainings in various locations across the globe to help up to 1500 people to become Climate Leaders. These Climate Leaders then return to their communities where they give presentations to their networks, spreading truth and changing the conversation about climate change. We also conduct other campaigns that promote placing a price on carbon as a solution to the climate crisis. My tasks include copy-writing, mass mailings, newsletters, tracking Climate Reality Leader actions and campaigns, and assisting with international and domestic trainings.”