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Decolonization @60 (03.18.20)

Click here to view and download the PDF flyer promoting this event. The full program is available here. For more information, please visit the workshop website:

Latino Mayors: Political Change in the Postindustrial City with Marion Orr (11.14.19)

Latino Mayors: Political Change in the Postindustrial City As recently as the early 1960s, Latinos were almost totally excluded from city politics. This makes the rise of Latino mayors in the past three decades a remarkable American story—one that explains ethnic succession, changing urban demography, and political contexts. Latino Mayors features case studies of eleven Latino mayors […]

Exhibition Opening: Embroiderers of Memory (11.12.19)

The exhibition “Embroiderers of Memory” presents the testimonial voices of women from the rural communities of Morazán, El Salvador, who were forced by government troops to flee to refugee camps in Honduras during the country’s bloody civil war (1980-92). Embroidery is a longstanding peasant tradition: women decorate household items with designs typically involving birds and […]