LAS Undergraduate Courses

Listed below are the courses for each of the three Topical Groups for the LAS degree.

Group 1: Historical Context

CAS AH 222 Art and Architecture in Ancient America
CAS AA 385 Atlantic History (meets with CAS HI 350)
CAS AA 489 The African Diaspora (meets with CAS HI 489)
CAS AR 222 Art and Architecture in Ancient America
CAS AH 322 Ancient Aztec and Inca Civilization (meets with AR 322)
CAS AR 201 Americas Before Columbus
CAS AR 250 Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors
CAS AR 251 Ancient Maya Civilization
CAS AR 270 New World Rediscovery: Archaeology of the Age of Exploration
CAS AR 322 Ancient Aztec and Inca Civilization
CAS AR 351 Mesoamerican Archaeology
CAS AR 352 South American Archaeology
CAS AR 353 Urbanism in Ancient Mesoamerica
CAS AR 451 Seminar: Mesoamerican Archaeology
CAS AR 551 Studies in Mesoamerican Archaeology
CAS AR 552 Studies in South American Archaeology
CAS HI 211 The Age of Discoveries
CAS HI 350 Atlantic History (meets with AA 385)
CAS HI 397 Modern Latin America
CAS HI 489 The African Diaspora in the Americas (meets with AA 489)
CAS HI 582 Social Movements in 20th Century Latin America
CAS HI 584 Labor, Sexuality, and Resistance in the Afro-Atlantic World (meets with AA 514)
CAS IR 394 Power, Leadership and Governance in Africa and the Caribbean (meets with AA 395 and HI 352)

Group 2:  Literary, Artistic & Cultural Context

CAS AH 242 Latin America Art Since Contact
CAS AH 323 Topics in Latin American Art: Art of Cuba Since the Nineteenth Century
CAS AH 342 Art of Cuba (Spring 2015)
CAS AH 527 Art & Society: Contemporary Commemorative Art in Latin America
CAS AH 543 Latin American Art and the Cold War
CAS AH 742 Latin American Art Colloquium (Fall 2014)
CAS LP 305 Topics in Portuguese Language and Culture
CAS LP 310 Introduction to Brazilian Cinema
CAS LS 452 Topics in Latin American Literature and Culture
CAS LS 455 Spanish-American Literature Through the Nineteenth Century
CAS LS 457 Twentieth-Century Spanish-American Literature
CAS LS 554 Jorge Luis Borges
CAS LS 569 Nineteenth Century Spanish American Literature
CAS LS 572 The Spanish-American Colonial Experience: Early Texts, New Interpretations
CAS LS 573 Spanish-American Literary Modernism and Modernization
CAS LS 576 Topics in Spanish-American Literature
CAS LS 577 Topics in Hispanic Thought and Criticism
CAS LS 579 Topics in Hispanic Cinemas
CAS LS 580 Mexico City in Literature and Film
CAS LS 581 The Mexican Revolution Revisited

Group 3: Contemporary Context

CAS AN 314 Cultures of Latin America
CAS EC 369 Economic Development of Latin America
CAS HI 394 US-Mexican Borders
CAS HI 396 Introduction to Latin American History
CAS HI 397 Modern Latin America
CAS HI 398 Protest, Revolution, and Human Rights in Latin America
CAS HI 582 Social Movements in Twentieth-Century Latin America
CAS IR 242 Globalization and World Poverty (meets with SO 242)
CAS IR 251 Introduction to Comparative Politics (meets with PO 151)
CAS IR 302 Campaigns and Elections Around the World (meets with PO 325)
CAS IR 367 Introduction to Latin American Politics and International Relations (meets with PO 360)
CAS IR 395 North-South Relations (meets with PO 328)
CAS IR 396 Cultural Heritage and Diplomacy (meets with AR 396)
CAS IR 411 Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Latin America (meets with PO 566)
CAS IR 425 Seminar: Women and Social Change in the Developing World (meets with SO 420)
CAS IR 480/680 Political Economy of Human Development
CAS IR 502 Latin American Political Parties (meets with PO 561)
CAS IR 524 Cold War in Latin America (meets with HI 524)
CAS IR 529 Cuba in Transition
CAS IR 566 Democracy in Latin America and its Challenges (meets with PO 567)
CAS IR 567 Latin American Politics (meets with CAS PO 564)
CAS IR 568 U.S.-Latin American Relations (meets with CAS PO 565)
CAS IR 572 The Latin American Military (meets with PO 597)
CAS IR 575 Political Economy of Mexico and NAFTA (meets with CAS PO 563)
CAS IR 590 Political Economy of Latin America (meets with CAS PO 562)
CAS IR 597 Sustainable Development in Latin America (meets with GE 597)
CAS PO 281 Natural Resource Politics in the Andes
CAS PO 581 National Development & International Politics
CAS PO 366 Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Latin America (meets with IR 411)
GMS MA 670 Power and Health in Latin America and the Caribbean
MET UA 590 International Comparative Urbanization & Planning

Capstone Course

CAS IR 410 Latin America Today (topic changes each year)