LAS Undergraduate Studies


Interdisciplinary in nature and scope, the program brings together a rich variety of courses that span fields of studies such as archaeology, economics, history, history of art and architecture, international relations, political science, romance studies, and sociology. Students take courses in Latin American history, art, literature, and current social, economic, political, and foreign policy. The program requires substantial study of Spanish or Portuguese to gain competence in a language used extensively in the region.


The major consists of 10 non-language courses, one of which is the seminar CAS IR 410:Latin America Today. Of the 10 courses, two must be taken in each of following context groups:

  • Historical
  • Literary, Artistic, and Cultural
  • Contemporary Context

Also required is coursework through the fifth semester in either the Spanish or Portuguese language. LAS majors are highly encouraged to do at least a semester abroad. Boston University has five Study Abroad programs in Latin America: Quito (Ecuador), Lima and Ayacucho(Peru), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Guatemala. Courses in these programs count toward the Latin American Studies major requirements.For more information on Latin American Studies at Boston University, please visit the Latin American Studies program online at The Latin American Studies program is an affiliated center of the Pardee School of Global Studies.

Faculty members closely advise each student in selecting courses to ensure intellectual coherence between the student’s area of interest and coursework.