Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies program at Boston University provides students with a versatile and powerful vehicle to develop an in-depth and interdisciplinary understanding of the Latin American region.The program offers students a wide variety of regionally-focused courses in Latin America, which are taught by a range of academic departments. The interdisciplinary nature of the program provides the necessary breadth and depth for students to understand the complexities and remarkable diversity of Latin America, defined as the 20 independent countries in the Western Hemisphere south of the United States with Spanish, French, or Portuguese as their official languages.

Boston University is fortunate to have a first-rate Latin American Studies faculty covering each of the disciplines necessary for a full range of course offerings, including archaeology, literature, art history, economics, history, international relations, political science, and sociology. The range and quality of Boston University’s Interdisciplinary Latin American Program is unique in the Boston area and is to be found only in a few other institutions in the United States.

Boston University offers an undergraduate major and minor as well as a graduate (MA) degree in Latin American Studies.The Latin American Studies program is administered by the International Relations Department. However, faculty and coursework are spread across a range of disciplines, including: Art History, Archaeology, Economics, History, International Relations, Political Science, Romance Studies, and Sociology.