Latino Mayors: Political Change in the Postindustrial City with Marion Orr (11.14.19)

Latino Mayors: Political Change in the Postindustrial City

As recently as the early 1960s, Latinos were almost totally excluded from city politics. This makes the rise of Latino mayors in the past three decades a remarkable American story—one that explains ethnic succession, changing urban demography, and political contexts. Latino Mayors features case studies of eleven Latino mayors in six American cities: San Antonio, Los Angeles, Denver, Hartford, Miami, and Providence.

The editors and contributors featured in the book analyze Latino mayors for their governing styles and policies. They describe how candidates shaped race, class, and economic issues—particularly in deracialized campaigns. Latino Mayors also addresses coalition politics, political incorporation, and how community groups operate, as well as the challenges these pioneers have faced in office.

The talk is scheduled for Thursday, November 14th at 12pm


Location: 75 Bay State Rd, MA, 02215

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