4th Year

Innovation, Culture, and Society

The culmination of the curriculum is a two-semester sequence, Innovation, Culture, and Society, that provides students with a framework for understanding innovation and its impact, while working on their keystone projects in close conjunction with their faculty advisers. The keystone project is a substantial, in-depth work of research/creative project roughly equivalent to an honors thesis. Its form may vary from field to field, but it should emphasize intellectual creativity and aim for the highest standards of the disciplinary or interdisciplinary area in question. For example, students of international relations might write a policy paper; biomedical engineers might create a device; stage designers might create a set for a specific play; visual artists might create a portfolio of paintings; an ecologist might design a study of the urban heat environment. At the conclusion of the spring semester, students will plan and carry out a conference to showcase their work.


KHC HC 501 – Innovation, Culture, and Society

Keystone Project Guide

2 courses
8 credits