Community Service

Kilachand Honors College Community Service program, called KHC in the City,  is one of the many opportunities within the Honors College that enables students to become actively integrated into the city of Boston.  Kilachand Honors College Community Service provides opportunities to learn about Boston’s people, places, and heritage while giving back to the city’s wonderful and diverse community.



Boston is often known as the higher-education capital of the world. With thousands of brilliant college students living and learning here every year, it only makes sense we give back using one of our best qualities – smarts! The Saturday Mentoring and Study Hall (SMASH) program with the Steppingstone Foundation allows us to give back through tutoring and mentoring Boston middle school students on their way to college. This program occurs every Saturday morning from 9:30am to 1pm during the academic school year at Boston Latin Academy. You can choose to volunteer weekly or bi-weekly throughout the semester. The connections you form with both the students you tutor and your KHC peers will be life-changing. To learn more about the Steppingstone Foundation, follow this link:



Living in a city, it’s really easy to forget about the natural world. We’re surrounded by the city and it’s easy to lose our connection to the environment, which quite literally gives us life. This is just one of the reasons it’s so crucial to go out and reconnect by doing environmental service. There are so many great parks and environmental organizations in Boston that act as a little slice of nature in a sprawling city. One of these is the Haley House Urban Farm, where students will learn about urban agriculture and give back to their local ecosystem. It is here where you can engage in an environmental service opportunity– we go to the park on weekends and help with countless important service projects. Serving the environment and ultimately the Boston community is an amazing way to bond with the KHC family. 


KHC in the City Program Advisor: Amanda Shalian