All Kilachand students complete a substantial work of empirical or scholarly research, creative work, or invention by the close of their senior year.

The purpose of senior research is to provide students with a sustained experience of intellectual discovery and an opportunity to share their work with a broader audience. This process begins in the junior year, when students learn to balance the excitement of imaginative approaches to their intellectual interests with the rigor of field-specific methodologies and begin to work on the design of their thesis or project. It continues in the senior year, as students conduct their research, write their thesis or produce their creative their project, and assess the significance of the work they have done. The research thesis or project can take a variety of forms, but students must aim for the highest standards of the discipline or interdisciplinary area they select.


The Research Requirement is flexible and gives students the opportunity to pursue their research or creative work through their major departments, home schools, or Kilachand. There are various defined pathways through which Kilachand students can complete the Research Requirement.


The material resources for a project can be just as important as the intellectual components. Kilachand is committed to supporting its students’ research and creative projects with a compromise among responsible use of Kilachand’s resources, making students aware of resources they may not have considered, and ensuring access to needed resources for projects. Students pursing any research pathway should familiarize themselves with the Research Requirement budget guidelines.


Regardless of pathway, all Kilachand students present their work at the annual Kilachand Symposium and submit to Kilachand a written component drawing from their project, tailored to the project itself and the discipline it draws upon, in their senior year.