Kilachand Student Events

Kilachand Co-curricular Events

Kilachand students are required to attend two Co-curricular Events each semester. The mission of Co-curricular events is to engage students in the broader implications of the Kilachand curriculum and academic community. Co-curriculars usually build on course content or feature Kilachand faculty and fellows. Each Co-curricular will include a presentation or panel, but student engagement through discussions with the presenters will be a crucial component. Refreshments are served to sustain our energies and facilitate discussion after the presentation. You can read the Kilachand Co-curricular policy here.

Community Events

Our Community Events, like the monthly Kilachand Teas, provide opportunities for Kilachand students, faculty and staff to enjoy casual, social gatherings, always with refreshments.

Personal & Professional Development Event Series

Organized by one of our advisors, Danny Hoffman, this series will provide students with an opportunity to discuss self-care, good study habits, and work-life balance. Events might help students write resumes and job applications or prepare for interviews

Kilachand Film Series

In the Kilachand Film Series, faculty and staff pick their favorite films to screen in our Common Room. Hang out after the film for refreshments and conversation.

Kilachand Night Out

We invite you to join classmates for special evening events at Boston cultural institutions such as the MFA and Boston Ballet. Space can be limited.

Circles: A Community Empowerment Space

Hosted at Kilachand Hall, the Circle series is an empowerment space for Boston University students and community members. Each Circle is dedicated to sharing our individual experiences with success, struggle, and difference within the BU ecosystem as members of our distinct communities. Defined as a meditative and constructive space, we aim to engage safe(r) and affirming spaces for thoughtful reflection & conversation.

The intentions of this year’s Circles are:
POC [persons of color] Circle: community care, solidarity and intentional coalition building for students and community members of color.
LGBTQIA+ Circle – community care, solidarity and intentional coalition building for people across the gender & sexuality spectrum [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexuality, & +]
FGLI [first generation and low income] Circle: community care, solidarity and intentional coalition building for people who identify as first generation college students/community members and/or low-income/low socio-economic status students/community members.

All circles are closed space but are not exclusive spaces. This year, due to COVID-19, our Seminar Room is limited to five people per Circle. All circles will be conducted via Zoom. Any questions regarding the Circle Series can be sent to


Group meetings are held to share information relevant to specific groups or at specific points in time. These will be the best place, aside from the website and one-on-one advising meetings, to receive general information about courses, programming, and projects.

Chocolate Chats with Professor Preston

Professor Preston’s weekly open office hours are called “Chocolate Chats” because they will always feature several flavors of chocolate (one of the great joys of the world) to share as we talk. Please stop by to introduce yourself, bring ideas or concerns about Kilachand, or suggest a topic of intellectual, personal, or ethical concern.

All events are listed on the Kilachand Honors College calendar.