Student Experience

“One of the important things we learned is that engineering isn’t just about making a device. You can make the perfect device to solve any problem, but if it doesn’t adapt to the setting it’s being used in then it is useless. This is something you don’t typically think about in engineering classes.” -Anna, BU ‘18

“The course was an opportunity for practical application of theoretical knowledge and a way to use that to help people in a new and innovative way” -Sari, AUB ‘20

“I have learned not only the tools and techniques it takes to properly come to solutions in almost any humanitarian issue, but now also know how important it is to act on these issues.” -Sheila, BU’ 20

“The course pushes you into the field and makes you design for the human users you interact with” –Student, AUB ‘18

“I was lucky to travel as a fellow with the Initiative on Forced Displacement in order to work with American University of Beirut students on a piece that represented the current state of displaced individuals in Beirut. It was a large question to tackle and I continue to tackle it now as I move into my senior year at Boston University, exploring visual anthropological research on the imaginary of home in Beirut. BEIT [below] tells the story of urban refugees in and around Shatila Camp in Beirut. Palestinians, who have lived in Lebanon for nearly 70 years, and Syrians, who were recently displaced due to war are both placed in a permanent temporary state.  Lebanese individuals also struggle with their sense of home as young people demand change from the government their parents’ generation established post-civil war.  As the possibility for rapid revolution emerges, old wounds reopen and tensions rise. BEIT reminds us how you can capture home in community, family, and resilience.”
Hailey, CAS/COM ’21