Kilachand Honors College Honor Code

The Kilachand Honors College expects all students to be ethical, honorable, and responsible members of our community and to observe the Kilachand Honors College Honor Code in spirit and action. It is each student’s obligation to cultivate and sustain a safe, healthy, and respectful atmosphere for the benefit of all.

The Kilachand Honors College expects its students to behave with honor and act with integrity at all times. Students should speak and act respectfully and truthfully. They should refrain from misleading fellow students, faculty, and staff and from misrepresenting themselves. Kilachand Honors College students are asked to trust and to support fellow students; be considerate of other community members’ health, safety, and rights; and respect diversity within the community. When engaged in activities outside of Kilachand Honors College, students should be aware that their speech, actions, and behavior represent Kilachand Honors College and thus should act accordingly.

Under the Honor Code, all Kilachand Honors College students are expected to maintain high standards of academic honesty and integrity. Every Kilachand Honors College student must be aware of Boston University’s Undergraduate Academic Conduct Code and abide by its provisions. Furthermore, Kilachand Honors College students are required to abide by all other nonacademic provisions set forth by Boston University and Kilachand Honors College. The following policies and procedures should guide students in achieving their educational goals.

A. Standing

To remain in good standing within Kilachand Honors College, students first must abide by the stipulations outlined above. Additionally, students must meet the requirements for good academic standing in their school or college of enrollment. They must maintain a yearly cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.3, must receive grades of B or better in Kilachand courses in the freshman and sophomore years, a B+ or better in Kilachand courses in the junior and senior years, successfully complete a keystone project, and are expected to attend and participate in all required co-curricular activities. Students who fail to meet some or all of these criteria may be considered to be in poor standing within Kilachand Honors College. A student’s standing may also be jeopardized if they are asked to vacate the required Kilachand Honors College freshman housing or other Kilachand Honors College specialty communities.

B. Review

The Kilachand Honors College director will review the performance and the participation of students who do not meet some or all of the above-mentioned criteria to determine their standing. Students who do not meet these criteria will be so notified via email by the director at the end of the fall or spring semester. Students who are found to be in poor standing will be so notified via email and US Mail. Standing is decided at the discretion of the Kilachand Honors College. Record of a student’s poor standing will be retained in the student’s file at Kilachand Honors College, but will not be recorded on the student’s permanent academic record. A student’s poor standing will not be made public when records or transcripts are sent out. This information may be shared as necessary with other schools and colleges within Boston University. If a student is found to be in poor standing, his/her record will be reevaluated at the close of the following semester. After evaluating the relevant information, the director will decide on a course of action for students in poor standing, including possible removal from the program.

C. Dissemination of Information

Only notice of a student’s removal from the program is sent to the parent or guardian of dependent students. Dissemination of information is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Boston University’s FERPA overview

Terms of FERPA from the U.S. Department of Education

Students will be expected to sign a copy of the Kilachand Honors College Honor Code prior to the completion of their first semester. The signed copy will be kept in the student’s Kilachand Honors College file.

Students are also expected to adhere to the Dean of Students’ Lifebook and any nonacademic policies set forth by BU.

Note that this information may change at any time.