Academic Advising

As a freshman, I enjoyed my Kilachand Honors College class (American Bioethics with Professor George Annas) because it offered a change from my curriculum and from conventional teaching. It was a discussion-based course, which let one speak their opinion and get constructive responses in return from everyone in the class. It also talked about topics (artificial hearts, ethics of genetic testing, torture, organ donation, transplantation, etc.) that I normally would not have the chance to explore.
Vidhu Nath (CAS’15), Astronomy and Physics

Kilachand Honors College provides academic advising services with an advisor that is professionally trained and equipped to handle academic problems and inquiries and manage the integration of Kilachand Honors College requirements with those of the various majors, minors and programs offered at the University. All students are encouraged to meet with their designated Kilachand Honors College advisor once per semester to ensure they are following the requirements of their major program and Kilachand Honors College, and should always contact academic advisors at their home school or college for clarification of major program and degree requirements. First-year students are required to meet with their Kilachand Honors College advisor prior to registration for the fall and spring semesters.

Kilachand Honors College students choose major programs in one of the eight degree-granting undergraduate schools or colleges at Boston University and pursue liberal arts coursework through Kilachand Honors College. Students in each school or college must fulfill general education requirements in addition to the disciplinary requirements of each major. Kilachand Honors College courses will satisfy some or all of these general education requirements, depending on the program. Students should meet with their advisors to be sure they are following a course of study that will be uniquely designed for them, but basic integration guidelines can be found here.