Class of 2018 Orientation

Welcome to Boston University and Kilachand Honors College

Kilachand Honors College will be holding a reception for Kilachand students and parents the Thursday evening of Orientation Sessions 1-6 and 8, during which Kilachand students and their guests will have the opportunity to meet with current Kilachand students, faculty, directors, and staff. Additionally, Professor Charles Dellheim, the Kilachand Honors College Director, will provide an overview of the program and will speak in particular about the first year.

Dates, Times, and Locations

Attendance of Kilachand students and guests at the Kilachand Honors College receptions will be counted when you register for your BU Orientation session; there is not a separate registration process nor is there an extra cost for students and their families to attend the Kilachand Honors College Orientation receptions.  We hope that you will join us to meet your classmates, professors, and learn more about Kilachand and what makes it right for you!

Reception dates are as follows:

Session 1: Thursday, June 12

Session 2: Thursday, June 19

Session 3: Thursday, June 26

Session 4: Thursday, July 10

Session 5: Thursday, July 17

Session 6: Thursday, July 24

Session 8: Thursday, August 28

All receptions will be held at 7PM at Kilachand Hall; 91 Bay State Road. 

Registration and Advising

While students will meet with advisors in their home school or college during BU Orientation to select their major coursework, Kilachand Honors College academic advisors and the Assistant Director for Student Services will visit Kilachand students at each school and college for academic advising, to choose Kilachand courses, and for a presentation of the Kilachand curriculum.

To see how the Kilachand Honors College curriculum will integrate with your school or college, please visit the Academic Advising page.