A unifying feature of living systems is the ability to store, process, and transmit information. We are fundamentally interested in molecular mechanisms and networks that control the flow of biological information, underlying how cells make decisions, develop, and evolve. We employ multidisciplinary approaches to identify and characterize these complex biological systems. A unique aspect of our research is the development of technologies and synthetic biology approaches to unlock new ways of probing biological systems, and frameworks for engineering them to reprogram cellular behavior for therapeutic and other benefit.

Specific classes of problems we are interested in include:

Antibiotic Efficacy is Linked to Bacterial Cellular Respiration
Michael A. Lobritz*, Peter Belenky, Caroline B.M. Porter, Arnaud Gutierrez, Jason H. Yang, Eric G. Schwarz, Daniel J. Dwyer, Ahmad S. Khalil* and James J. Collins* (*Co-corresponding)
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 112: 8173-8180 (2015)

Chromatin Regulation at the Frontier of Synthetic Biology
Albert J. Keung, J. Keith Joung, Ahmad S. Khalil and James J. Collins
Nature Reviews Genetics, 16: 159-171 (2015)

Using Targeted Chromatin Regulators to Engineer Combinatorial and Spatial Transcriptional Regulation
Albert J. Keung, Caleb J. Bashor, Szilvia Kiriakov, James J. Collins and Ahmad S. Khalil
Cell, 158: 110-120 (2014)
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