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Continued Relief Efforts for Gulf Region

Dear Members of the Boston University Community:

Many of you have shared with me your concerns for the people affected by the recently devastating hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast region of the United States. I am grateful for and pleased by the compassion of this community. As a community, we have and will continue to be involved in Gulf Coast relief efforts. As you may already know, many of us are already actively engaged in facilitating the temporary enrollment process for students who have been displaced from Tulane University.

President Brown has indicated that, as a University community, we believe it is important to help eligible Tulane University students by offering tuition-free enrollment at Boston University for the fall semester.

Many of you have offered to coordinate fundraising and other efforts on behalf of the hurricane victims. I applaud this initiative. However, I ask for your patience for a few more days until we have the opportunity to inform ourselves regarding the greatest needs of the Gulf Coast area. The relief efforts for the Gulf Coast will clearly continue for quite some time. Next week President Brown and upper-level administrators will be discussing how best our fundraising efforts can be coordinated to serve the victims of this tragedy in the most effective manner. I will inform you then how students, employees, and alumni may help.

I hope you will, as an individual, be compassionate in your personal response to the aftermath of this disaster and continue to consider ways in which you can be of effective assistance.

Thank you for your active response to this national emergency.


Kenneth Elmore
Dean of Students

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