Courses in Jewish Studies allow you to explore Jewish religion and history, philosophical thought and culture, study Hebrew language, and learn about modern Israel and the Middle East. Many of our classes fulfill general educational requirements. You can earn a minor in Jewish Studies, or count classes toward major and minor concentrations in History, Middle East/North Africa Studies (MENA), MLCL, Philosophy, Religion, or Romance Studies.

Unless otherwise noted, courses have no prerequisites even if they bear a 200 or higher number within their department.

Areas of study include Bible, Late Second Temple and rabbinic literature; medieval Jewish and comparative philosophy and mysticsm; medieval history and Jewish-Christian relations; modern Jewish history and philosophy; Hebrew literature; radical movements and heretics; and Israel studies.

You can download our updated course inventory here: JSCourseCat2014.

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If you are not sure which class is for you, please contact the listed instructor, or write to for an advising appointment.